Register Statistics

Register Statistics – january, 2018

At least once a year I write an article updating how the NAMGAR family is growing. Each year I have not been disappointed. That family is all those new members, and those that choose to stay with this great association of MGA loyalists. It is the ever growing evolution of NAMGAR. Some members choose not to renew their memberships for various reasons, but the “core” is a very loyal group, and the Board and I all thank you.

Last year (2017) NAMGAR added 142 new members. The MGA car database now has 8,649 cars listed, with 2,199 MGAs, Magnettes and Variants belonging to current members. The remaining cars once belonged to members, or were entered in the database as parts cars, and once there, they never leave my database.

Is your information current? I know I ask that quite often, but I work hard to keep your information as correct and current as I can, so I ask you often. All that is needed is to log into your profile via the NAMGAR website, use your last name and membership number if it’s your first time, or your email and password you have already set up, and check to see what NAMGAR has on record for you. Your membership number can be found on the label of your copy of MGA! directly above your name, followed by the expiration date of your membership. Your membership number is also shown at the top of NAMGAR's enewsletter, eNews!. I encourage you to review your information online occasionally to ensure I am keeping your records up-to-date.

I am also sending out renewal notices via email, so now more than ever, it is important that I have a current email address on record for you. When I receive new information, I update your records as quickly as I can. I then go to the NAMGAR website and update the records, so you can verify the information. Please allow a few days after you submit your changes for me to get them back on the web for your review.

Help me update the records please. Do I have the correct color of your car? Do I have the correct model of your car? 

Safe and happy motoring.

The following statistics reflect the breakdown by Body Style, Model and Color of cars registered with NAMGAR as of January 2016.

Body Style

Roadster 7400
Coupe 920
Sedan 245
Unknown/Other 86


1500 3720
1600 2951
Mk II 1117
Twin Cam 393
Deluxe 110
Farina Mk III 2
Farina Mk IV 0
ZA Magnette 59
ZB Magnette 135
ZB Varitone 48
Elva Courier 17
Unknown/Other 97
Total 8,649


Alamo Beige 38
Ash Green 20
Black 893
Blue 341
British Racing Green 263
Brown 30
Chariot Red 457
Dove Grey 117
Glacier Blue 154
Gold 4
Green 307
Grey 91
Iris Blue 217
Yellow 144
Mineral Blue 1
Old English White 888
Orient Red 395
Red 1847
Tyrolite Green 39
White 783
Variation of List Colors or in Primer or No Color Listed

Membership Distribution Maps

The following maps depict NAMGAR membership by state/province in the USA and Canada, and the total worldwide as of January, 2017.  Car distribution for each state is shown in brackets.

Last updated on May 25, 2018.