Membership Benefits

When someone develops an interest in the MGA, Magnette, or a Variant thereof, or is looking to purchase, or possibly has just bought one, they simultaneously start to look for information on these great automobiles. Inevitably this brings them to the North American MGA Register.

Typically, anyone with these sorts of interests wants to know (a) how to fix the car if it needs working on, (b) how to best maintain it, (c) how to keep it running, or (d) how to protect the investment with options such as antique car insurance. You may also be interested in the history of the car or if there any like-minded individuals living near you. Again NAMGAR becomes a source for the necessary information.

If the driver is doing work on their car themselves, they soon require parts, and are pleasantly surprised to find that through NAMGAR there are a number of sources for parts. They are further pleasantly surprised to discover that most MGA parts are available today, over 60 years since car production ceased.

There may also come a time in the life of an MGA owner when they need a difficult-to-find part, or they need a skilled workshop for anything from bodywork to upholstery. The NAMGAR website and the NAMGAR magazine MGA! provide the needed information, or can refer them to someone who has “been there, done that”.

One of the very obvious benefits to MGA ownership is the joy and exhilaration of just driving the car.  And after every drive they want to share their driving experience or report their skill at overcoming a roadside breakdown, with like-minded car drivers. And again NAMGAR is the organization that provides this “social” side of MGA ownership through its annual Get-Togethers, Regional events, or Chapter Club meetings.

While NAMGAR started as a register of MGA’s in North America, it soon became an organization to join, as evidenced from a membership roster of folks from all over the world!  It immediately became the catalyst for very special social gatherings. Some owners get together to look at nice cars, but really they are there to meet their friends, and to talk about life with an MGA.

Are these enough reasons to be a member of the best car group in the country? Try us, and we think you will agree.

As a NAMGAR member you will get:

  • A unique dash plaque indicating your car’s Register number
  • NAMGAR’s award winning magazine, MGA!, six times a year, providing technical and travel advice, details of forthcoming events, reports and photos of events past, etc.
  • eNews!, NAMGAR's electronic newsletter, issued six times a year, in the months between MGA! magazine.
  • Access to “Members Only” areas of the website

And further membership benefits coming soon......

  • A membershp card identifying the holder as a member of NAMGAR
  • Discounts on parts, services, accessories, lodging and much more!

To join NAMGAR, please submit your details either thru the online Membership Application or download and print a Membership Application Form and forward by regular mail to the Registrar.

Last updated on October 26, 2016.