General GT Information

If you've never attended a NAMGAR GT, learn more about what you are missing. If you're attending an up-coming GT, read about general policies, definitions, and competition classes. If your Chapter wishes to organize an event, guidance on how to apply is provided

Photo for First Timer’s PrimerFirst Timer’s Primer

NAMGAR welcomes you to a Get-Together (GT)! Whether you have already signed up for your first GT, or are thinking of attending your first GT, we hope that…  Read more

Photo for What is a Get-Together (GT)?What is a Get-Together (GT)?

If you've never attended a GT, you might be wondering what it's all about. What goes on? What do people do? Why do people rave about GTs, and…  Read more

Photo for GT Refund PolicyGT Refund Policy

Outlined below is NAMGAR's policy for issuing GT refunds.   If a registrant notifies the event registrar at least sixty (60) days prior to the start of the…  Read more

Photo for NAMGAR Chapters: How to Apply to Host a GT or Regional EventNAMGAR Chapters: How to Apply to Host a GT or Regional Event

NAMGAR Chapters are encouraged to host a National GT or Regional GT. The information posted below provides Chapters with guidance on how to apply to host an event.…  Read more

Photo for Preparing & Packing for a Long Trip in an MGAPreparing & Packing for a Long Trip in an MGA

Bruce (and Roberta Rauch) provide some very useful hints on how to prepare your car and it’s crew for a long road trip. Car Preparation First do the…  Read more

Photo for Distance PoliciesDistance Policies

NAMGAR issues two types of Distance Awards at a National GT. Furthest Distance NAMGAR gives a pewter Distance Award to the NAMGAR member who drives an MGA, Magnette…  Read more

Photo for NAMGAR Classes (Updated January 2019)NAMGAR Classes (Updated January 2019)

A class is composed of one or more cars. Factory manufactured car classes are:   1500 - Wire Wheels 1500 - Non-Wire Wheels 1600 - Wire Wheels 1600…  Read more