Cruise to the Capital… Coming to a City Near You!

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NAMGAR’s Cruise to the Capital kicks off from Victoria, capital of British Columbia on July 4th. Appropriate, perhaps, that this event for British cars should take off on America’s Independence Day from that most British of Canadian cities. Fireworks will greet the participants at their first night stop in White Rock, BC.

As the group proceeds east on its trek of 2,800 miles to Canada’s capital city of Ottawa for GT-39, they will make contact with several MG Clubs and their members along the route. In southern Alberta, the Calgary MG Club will join the C2C cars for about 100 miles between Banff and Strathmore; and it is possible that some cars from the Edmonton Classic Sports Car Club will also meet up with the C2C convoy on July 6th.

Two days, and 400 miles later, the Cruise will be traversing southern Saskatchewan where NAMGAR members from Saskatoon and Regina could make an appearance. On July 9th the cars will cross the Canada/US border into North Dakota for the night stop at Grand Forks. We expect to meet up with NAMGAR members from the Winnipeg area that evening.

The following day, July 10th, members of the Minnesota MG Group will travel up to northern Minnesota to join the convoy around Grand Forks, and will host an event for the group in Duluth that evening. The Cruise will welcome some members from the Texas MG Register in Duluth, and they will travel with the group to Ottawa.

Munising MI (11th), Massey ON (12th) and Pembroke, ON (13th) are the last three night stops before the grand entrance into Ottawa. Hagerty Insurance has confirmed that their Roadside Assistance of a flat bed truck for fifty miles will be available, should it be required by any C2C participants between Victoria and Ottawa.

NAMGAR members along the route are welcome to join us, or to offer encouragement from the roadside. The Cruise participants will be identified by a C2C octagon sign on their cars, and there will be daily posts on NAMGAR’s Facebook page. Click here for more information on the Cruise.

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Last updated on May 26, 2014.