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Cruise to the Capital, the NAMGAR Regional event of the summer, brought eleven cars successfully across the country to GT-39. As the cavalcade arrived at the host hotel in Ottawa on July 14th, they were greeted with hoots, applause, and cheers from the GT organizers. A spirited welcome that brought relief to and laughter from the weary drivers.

They had started from Victoria, British Columbia on July 4th, and completed the almost 3,000 mile journey through Canada and the U.S. with very few incidents:

  • One car had a rock hit the windscreen near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, resulting in a crack.
  • One car had a coil fail in Massey, Ontario, and was on the road again after a coil transplant.
  • One car had a tire puncture near Pembroke, Ontario. On route, we met with members of the MG Club of Calgary, and in Minnesota the caravan was joined by members of the Minnesota MG Group.

What we learned on the Cruise:

  • MGs are very reliable, if they are well maintained and prepared carefully for a long trip.
  • 'A's and 'B's can play together.
  • Ottawa has the worst roads of any city in Canada. In fact, the condition of the roads in the Capital may have been the cause of a second windscreen being cracked on an MGA.
  • Some roads in Duluth are even worse that Ottawa’s.

Some facts and figures that may be useful for others planning a “Cross Canada Trek” – Dave Godwin and Gary Lock take note:

  • Distance from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, ON: 2,770 miles (4,610 kms).
  • Number of hotel nights: 10 (avg. cost about U.S. $100/night).
  • Approximate amount of fuel used: 100 U.S. gallons (= 82 Imperial gallons).
  • Average price of fuel: $4/U.S. gallon.
  • Fuel consumption was around 28-30 miles per U.S. gallon, and the cruising speed was around 60-65mph.
  • Number of time zones: Four (Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern).
  • Number of provinces in Canada: Four (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchawan, and Ontario).
  • Number of states in the U.S.: Four (ND, MN, WI, MI).
  • Average mileage per day: 300 miles (500 kms).

While we were generally able to maintain a decent average speed, there were two embarrassing moments. The first was on Day 2, while climbing the Coquihalla Highway (maximum altitude 4,740 ft) in British Columbia, when we were overtaken by a Fiat 500. If this was not sufficient ignominy, on Day 3, when driving into Calgary in heavy traffic, we were passed by a SMART car!

We are most grateful to Hagerty Insurance for the provision of free Roadside Assistance during the Cruise. Fortunately, no one needed to avail themselves of this service. We were also given “goodies” for the road by the Hagerty rep in Alberta.

Cruise to the Capital Participants

Len & Bonnie Smith drove 2,770 miles from Victoria to Ottawa in their 1958 MGA. They continued onto the east coast of Canada after the GT. (Post event note – The Smiths did more than 16,000 miles on their trip and were traveling for 3 months).

Jennifer Orum drove from North Vancouver to the start in Victoria, and drove her 1970 MGB 2,770 miles to Ottawa. She drove to San Francisco after the GT. Jennifer took 3rd place in the MGB class.

David Sell drove from his home in Sammamish, Washington, to the start in Victoria. He completed the Cruise to the Capital in his 1974 MGB. He drove home via Michigan and Montana.

Bobbi Taforo (73 years old) drove from her home in Alameda, California, to join the Cruise in Surrey, BC. She drove 2,700 miles to Ottawa in her 1977 MGB. Her co-driver Vicki Bell, is also from Alameda, California.

Tony Cox and Thom Tyre started from Langley, BC and drove their 1962 MGA 2,700 miles to Ottawa. They left after the GT to drive Route 66. Tony took 4th place in the MGA Mk II class.

Steve and Sheila Kaufmann started the Cruise in Surrey, BC, and drove the 2,700 miles to Ottawa in their 1961 MGA. They drove back on Route 66 from Chicago. Sheila and Steve’s car took 1st place in the 1600 Non Wire Wheels class.

Peter and Anne Tilbury drove their 1956 MGA from Surrey, BC, to Ottawa, covering the 2,700 miles. They drove a total of 6,500 miles round trip, coming home via Wisconsin and Utah.

Tim and Sue Coyne joined C2C in Massey, Ontario, and drove their 1961 MGA 365 miles to Ottawa.

Ed Sass and Colleen Quinn brought their 1961 MGA from Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, and joined the Cruise in Massey, ON, doing 365 miles to Ottawa.

Jim and Nancy Lowda drove their 1984 MGB from New Jersey. They joined C2C in Massey, ON, and drove 365 miles to Ottawa. Jim and Nancy’s car took 1st place in the MGB class.

Murray and Sharon Shantz drove their 1958 MGA from Unionville, ON, and joined the Cruise in Massey, ON. They drove 365 miles to Ottawa. (Unfortunately we only have a picture of their car).

Ken and Iris Langford of Forth Worth, Texas, joined the Cruise in Duluth. Unfortunately their MGA was not ready in time, but they were carrying MGA spares in the trunk of their Toyota. As such, they provided back up to those driving MGs.

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Last updated on October 13, 2014.