Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 2012: 30th Anniversary Featuring the MG

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If you never have attended this “festival”, please understand that it is a unique vintage racing and car event in North America that should be on everyone's "Bucket List" - especially this year, because MG is the "Featured Marque"! Let me explain why! I raced my MGTD in its inaugural race in 1983 and a number of years thereafter, including 1991 when the MG T’s were featured, and for its 25th anniversary.

I’ve watched it grow from a simple vintage car race weekend to a 10 day long “festival” with many car related activities: Car shows, drives, parties, dinners, ralley, waterfront “Cruise”, displays, happy hour fun, etc. Over its 30 years, it has raised over 3 million dollars for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Valley School.

First of all, it’s not just a race or an event - it is a 10 day long "Festival" put on by the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association, with something for everyone. Good fun, good races, good car shows, good charity causes! It is community supported with around 1,200 local volunteers running it (bless them!). And there is no admission fee for watching the races in lovely Schenley Park. Besides the races, many car clubs also participate in the event with supporting car shows and activities. It has national status, with many thousands of car enthusiasts coming from everywhere! MG is the featured marque this year, plus there will be some special accents honoring the MGB - celebrating the 50th anniversary of its introduction in 1962.

Overall there may be around 200 vintage cars racing in seven different classes, including over 40 MGs of all types - from Pre-war MG’s, T’s, A’s Midgets, B’s! “All MG Races” will be included! Not only can you enjoy watching these thoroughbreds dicing it out at speed around the course, and hearing them roar, but you are welcome to inspect them up close and chat with their drivers in the racer’s paddock area. This ain’t NASCAR! These MG racers love their MGs as much as you love your own vintage cars, and they are most happy to talk to you about their valiant steeds!

Plus for a small donation, only street MGs will be offered the opportunity to do “Parade Laps” around the 2.3 mile, 23 turn, race course Sunday morning! A beautiful drive, from the driver’s seat, to see the course from! (at speed it’s even more thrilling!) Along with the Schenley Park races, there will be the adjacent “International Car show” with over 2,000 cars participating in 15 different marque groups! As part of it, there will be both a “MG Car Show” group and a “British Car Day” group adjacent to each other. You can enter your MG in the MG show if you wish (see web site). Over 500 British cars are expected to participate in the shows, on a golf course overlooking the race course. Vendors of all kinds will be set up selling food, souvenirs, and other neat “stuff”. A catered luncheon, ordered in advance, will be available for $20 to MG car show entrants, featuring English cuisine - if that’s your taste. There even is a FREE Shuttle bus service to get you around the miles of track and shows. Plus I’d suggest that you make a stop at the most impressive Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens adjacent to the race course.

I could write volumes on all that this awesome event has to offer, not to mention other attractions of Pittsburgh and nearby vacation opportunities! It kicks off with a Black Tie party on Friday July 13th, then vintage car races at the nearby Pittsburgh International Raceway track that weekend, followed by a week of activities, ending with the Schenley Park races and car shows July 21-22. PVGP has a great web site providing EVERYTHING you would like to know about it – and more! Just click here to get the full story. It has been 21 years since MG was last featured at this event – so you might have to wait another 21 years for MG to be featured again – that would be 2033! Can you wait? That’s why this year it should be on your “BUCKET LIST” to attend! Bring your MG, the family, and your friends. Make your room reservations early! You will NOT be sorry!

Links to Key Contacts are provided below:

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Info, photos, videos, history, accommodations, schedule, etc.

Greater Pittsburgh MG Club - supporting MG Activities

Greater Pittsburgh MG Club Contact Bud Osbourne (724-855-9969)

Mark Of the Year (MG) Coordinator Jerry Longstreth (412-759-3014)

Car Shows Director Bop Speer

British Car Day Car Show contact Wil Schweitzer w.schweitzer@live.com

MG Vintage Racers

Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce

2011 PVGP on You Tube

Take a lap of the “race course” on “You Tube”

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Pittsburgh International Race Complex

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Last updated on March 12, 2012.