Five MGs From Oz To Drive Across North America

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In May this year, after completing an epic drive from Tierra del Fuego to Vancouver, BC, four MGs were put into storage in Vancouver.

In May 2016, the Aussies are coming back to complete their Americas (and Canada) journey. Led by Dave & Laurel Godwin in their 1961 MGA, five MGs will drive from Vancouver to Cape Spear in Newfoundland. They will travel through Canada and the USA, and will all be at MG2016/MG41 in Louisville, KY.

The tentative schedule for their trip is shown below and is subject to change. If you, or your Club, wish to meet up with them, drive some of their route with them, or host them at a social event, email Dave Godwin directly.

Saturday, May 21 - All British Field Meet at VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver, BC
Sunday, May 22 - Whistler, BC
Monday, May 23 - Kamloops, BC
Tuesday, May 24 - Jasper, AB
Wednesday, May 25 - Lake Louise, AB
Thursday, May 26 - Calgary, AB. Meet with Calgary MG Club
Friday, May 27 - Calgary, AB
Saturday, May 28 - Drive the “Going to the Sun” road to Browning, MT
Sunday, May 29 - Browning, MT
Monday, May 30 - Billings, MT
Tuesday, May 31 - Sturgis, SD
Wednesday, June 1 - Rapid City, SD, via Mt Rushmore and Badlands National Park
Thursday, June 2 - Sioux Falls, SD
Friday, June 3 - Clear Lake and the Surf Ballroom, IA
Saturday, June 4 - Oshkosh, WI
Sunday, June 5 - Oshkosh, WI
Monday, June 6 - Drive Elkhart Lake Race Track, WI
Tuesday, June 7 - Visit Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, then to Chicago, IL
Wednesday, June 8 - Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant – start of Route 66, Chicago, IL
Thursday, June 9 - Chicago, IL
Friday, June 10 - Duisenberg Museum, Auburn, IN
Saturday, June 11 - Indianapolis, IN
Sunday, June 12 - Indianapolis, IN
Monday, June 13 - Louisville, KY, via Bloomington, IN
Tuesday, June 14 - MG2016/GT41 in Louisville. They will give two talks on the trips so far – Beijing to Abingdon, or Cape to Cairo and beyond.
Wednesday, June 15 - Louisville, KY
Thursday, June 16 - Louisville, KY
Friday, June 17 - Louisville, KY
Saturday, June 18 - Mid Ohio Raceway, OH via Cincinnatti
Sunday, June 19 - Niagara Falls, NY
Monday, June 20 - Niagara Falls, ON to Bracebridge, ON
Tuesday, June 21 - Ottawa, ON
Wednesday, June 22 - Meet with Ottawa MG Club
Thursday, June 23 - Quebec City, PQ via Montreal
Friday, June 24 - Charlottetown, PEI
Saturday, June 25 - Charlottetown, PEI. Visit “Ann of Green Gables”
Sunday, June 26 - Sydney, NS
Monday, June 27 - Stephenville, NL
Tuesday, June 28 - St Johns, NL
Wednesday, June 29 - Stephenville, NL
Thursday, June 30 - Cape Breton, NS
Friday, July 1 - Halifax, NS Prepare cars for shipping to the UK
Saturday, July 2 - Halifax, NS

At this point, 3 cars will have driven around the world!

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Last updated on December 14, 2015.