Past NAMGAR GT Dates & Locations

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Following is a list of the NAMGAR past GT's with dates, and locations:


2018 GT-43 Richmond, VA
2017 GT-42 Solvang, CA
2016 All Register MG Gathering GT-41 Louisville, KY

2015 GT-40 Frankenmuth, MI
2015 GT-39 Ottawa, ON
2013 GT-38 Asheville, NC
2012 GT-37 Dayton, Ohio
2011 All Register MG Gathering GT-36 Reno, NV
2010 GT-35 Delavan, WI
2009 GT-34 Hot Springs, AR
2008 GT-33 Champion, PA
2007 GT-32 Whistler, BC
2006 All Register MG Gathering GT-31 Gatlinburg, TN

2005 GT-30 Mackinaw City, MI
2004 GT-29 Cromwell, CT
2003 GT-28 Welches, OR
2002 GT-27 Charlottesville, VA
2001 All Register MG Gathering GT-26 St. Paul, MN
2000 GT-25 Morgantown, WV
1999 GT-24 Lake Tahoe, NV
1998 GT-23 Chattanooga, TN
1997 GT-22 Grapevine, TX
1996 All Register MG Gathering GT-21 Indianapolis, IN

1995 GT-20 Lansing, MI
1994 GT-19 Winston-Salem, NC
1993 GT-18 Niagara Falls, ONT
1992 GT-17 Kansas City, KS
1991 GT-16 Huntsville, AL
1990 GT-15 Williamsburg, VA
1989 GT-14 Indianapolis, IN
1988 GT-13 Marietta, OH
1987 GT-12 Bellevue, WA
1986 GT-11 Norwich, CT

1985 GT-10 Plymouth, MI
1984 GT-9 Tiburon, CA
1983 GT-8 Cypress Gardens, FL
1982 GT-7 Indianapolis, IN
1981 GT-6 Harper’s Ferry, WV
1980 GT-5 Lake Tahoe, NV
1979 GT-4 Niagara Falls, ONT
1978 GT-3 Gettysburg, PA
1977 GT-2 Wildwood Crest, NJ
1976 GT-1 Harper’s Ferry, WV

Updated March 20, 2018

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Last updated on March 20, 2018.