GT-39 NAMGAR Award Winners

Photo for GT-39 NAMGAR Award Winners

NAMGAR's Annual National Event GT-39 organized by the Ottawa MG Club took place in Ottawa, Canada from July 14 - 18, 2014.

The organizers promised us a great event with wonderful hospitality and wow - what an event it was. The organization of the event was faultless - the organizing team had worked extremely hard to provide participants with everything they needed. The hotel was superb - the berries at breakfast were extremely popular! The red and white dinner cruise down the river provided us with unique views of Ottawa. The car show site was spectacular and the video taken from the drone must be a first. The buffet at the banquet was exceptional. A very big thank you to the organizing team from GT-39 participants.

The next issue of MGA! magazine will provide more detail and photos of the event.  In the meantime, photos of the NAMGAR class winners are shown below. Click here for a complete list of the NAMGAR class and other award winners.

GT-39 Class Winners

1500WW Class WinnerMGA 1500 Wire Wheels - Don & Mary Kesler

1500 Non Wire Wheels Class WinnerMGA 1500 Non Wire Wheels - Bill & Karen Marshall

1600 Wire Wheels Class WinnerMGA 1600 Wire Wheels - Doug & Kathy McClure

1600 Non Wire Wheels Class WinnerMGA 1600 Non Wire Wheels - Sheila & Steve Kaufmann

MGA MkII Class WinnerMGA MkII - Frazer & Beverly Rice

MGA Coupe Class WinnerMGA Coupe - Tim & Theresa Gaffney

MGA Magnette Class WinnerMGA Magnette - Darlene & John Shoemaker

Altered Class WinnerAltered - Jim & Chris Wiebe

Premier Class WinnerMGA Premier - Hilary & John Orrell

MGB Class WinnerMGB - Jim & Nancy Lowda

Other British - Geoffrey & Helga Dix

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