Just Announced: GT-43 Details

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Save the date and start planning for GT-43. This annual event will take place in Richmond, Virginia, from June 13 - 17th, 2018.

The event will be jointly organized by Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter and the Central Virginia British Car Club.

Further details on the event will be posted on gt43.org and namgar.com as they become available.

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Reader Comments (4)

Picture of James Sanders
James Sanders (Seattle)
on December 7, 2017 5:12pm
I am MGA NAMGAR member and MGA Rep for the MG Car Club NW Centre in Seattle.
For our members, I am interested in your 2018 GT-43 event.
Please keep us informed.
My email (only to be used by NAMGAR) is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Cheers and Safety Fast
Picture of John T. Terschak
John T. Terschak (Ohio)
on January 6, 2018 12:25pm
Something seems wrong with the dates of GT. For every GT that I have attended the first day always starts on a Monday and end on a Friday. I have asked in the past why start on Monday and was told due to pee needing the time to drive their MGs to GT. That it ends on Friday so peple have travel time to get back home. Yet I looked at the calendar and see GT starts on a Wednesday and ends on on Sunday. What Gives did someone use 2017 calendar to set the date?
Picture of Larry Pittman
Larry Pittman (Fenton, MI)
on January 8, 2018 7:45am
You're right that most recent GT's have been in the Monday - Friday format. In fact, I'm the same way in that every GT I've been to has been that way. GT-43 "upsets the applecart" this year so to speak with the change in dates. The organizers of this year's GT elected for the change to coordinate with the NAMGBR event this year in Gettysburg which starts on Sunday, June 17th, also the last day of GT-43. The distance between the two events is about 175 miles so it should work well for those who want to attend both.
In addition to the normal Monday to Friday format helping with travel days, it turns out that hotels often were unwilling to provide the same prices for weekends as they do for weekdays. That was not an issue for this year's GT. Interesting that GT-27 in Charlottesville was also a Wednesday to Sunday GT and was the highest attended GT that I have records of.
Another issue that is VERY important to the NAMGAR board is the willingness of a club or clubs to host a GT. I hope that most members are aware that we have been struggling of late to find clubs willing to host a GT. Because of that, we are usually willing to go with the proposed dates of a GT. In this case, we did feel that the date selections of this year's GT made great sense so there was no issue with them.
Bottom line: volunteer to host a GT!!
Thanks for listening.

Larry Pittman
NAMGAR Vice Chairman
Picture of Ken Evesson
Ken Evesson (Humble, TX)
on March 14, 2018 5:20pm
Road trip my brother and I are looking forward to take the drive from Houston,TX. we hope to see a few other MGA's along the way and we are looking forward to meeting some other enthusiast's at our first NAMGAR
GT event.

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