What is a Get-Together (GT)?

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If you've never attended a GT, you might be wondering what it's all about. What goes on? What do people do? Why do people rave about GTs, and what is it that draws so many people back every year? Those are all good questions. To answer, let's start with a short history lesson.



A Bit of History

The North American MGA Register (NAMGAR) was formed in 1975 by a small group of enthusiasts in the eastern United States. Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the MGA, MG Magnette, and variants (vehicles which originally used the same drive train as the MGA), the organization has grown over the years and now boasts over 2000 international members, more than 50 local chapters, and includes well over 3400 vehicles.

Magnette at Car ShowEvery year since its inception, NAMGAR has held an annual event where members and enthusiasts gather to enjoy each other's company and celebrate their common interest in these beautiful British cars from the late mid-50s to the early 60s. The gathering is known as a Get Together, or GT: each is given a sequential number.

Each summer the GT moves to a different location across North America and is hosted by a local NAMGAR chapter.

Every fifth year, the NAMGAR GT is held in conjunction with the annual gatherings of the entire North American Council of MG Registers. The Boards of all five-member registers jointly organize these multi-register events. The next of these gatherings will occur in 2021.

What happens at a GT?

All GTs are built around a framework of key activities that have proven over the years to be successful. Every GT is different though as each one features sights and activities that showcase the uniqueness of the chosen location and reflect the personality of the host chapter. This format helps to maintain consistency from one year to the next while keeping each GT interesting and enjoyable for its attendees.

A GT normally begins with a short welcoming reception for first time attendees, giving them an opportunity to mingle with each other and meet the NAMGAR Board and staff members. This is commonly followed by a general welcome and orientation reception for all GT attendees.

The marquee event of the GT is a car show where all attendees show off their polished beauties and have an opportunity to vote for their favourite vehicle in each class.

Car show

Most GTs include a rallye of some kind as well as a funkhana. Depending on the location of the GT, the schedule may also include on-your-own sight seeing, visits to local attractions, or pre-planned driving tours.

Guest speakers and tech sessions on a variety of topics are also popular. A hospitality suite is an important component of the GT and is often "the place to go" each evening following the formal GT programming. Many GTs include week long activities such as a silent auction or a raffle. A banquet is normally held on the final evening of the GT during which awards and prizes for various activities run during the week are given out.

First Timers

If you haven't yet attended a GT, then you're what's known as a First Timer and you should have a look at the NAMGAR First Timer Primer. This document explains what you need to know about the terminology used and activities that commonly take place at a NAMGAR GT. If you have questions, please feel free to contact this year's GT hosting group. We'll do our best to provide answers. If you are a First Timer, please be sure to sign-up for the First Timers Reception on the event Registration Form.

NAMGAR has a saying that it's the cars that bring you to a GT, but it's the people that bring you back. You'll meet many new people at your first GT. You'll make new friends you'll look forward to seeing again at future GTs. Every GT gives you an opportunity to travel to and experience a part of North America that you might not otherwise get to see. Mostly, though, every GT gives you an opportunity to renew old friendships and create brand new ones.


Go ahead. Make plans to experience a GT. You won't be sorry, and it just might be the first of many GTs that you'll attend.

Our thanks of Andy Bounsall, GT39 Organizer in Ottawa, for allowing us to re-produce his article.

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Last updated on February 25, 2017.