NAMGAR Chapters: How to Apply to Host a GT or Regional Event

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NAMGAR Chapters are encouraged to host a National GT or Regional GT. The information posted below provides Chapters with guidance on how to apply to host an event.

Applying to Host a National GT

There is a NAMGAR process for selecting the location of a National GT. The process occurs yearly and typically considers venues four to five years in advance. On occasion, a hosting group may be asked to advance or delay its plans. This is usually caused by two consecutive venues being too close together in adjacent years, too many proposals for a given year or some special venue that has already been scheduled.

National GTs are typically scheduled during the month of July when many members take vacations and also to accommodate the many educators in our organization. June or August can be considered if there is a compelling reason, such as weather, for a particular venue.

Every five years, NAMGAR, as a member of The North American Council of MG Registers, participates in an all-Register MG Gathering. NAMGAR required activities are included in these events. This document does not address the planning for these events as this is done by the NAMGAR Vice Chairman in cooperation with the Council. Host Chapters are not required, but may be contacted for assistance, for these events.

To host a national or regional event and obtain NAMGAR sanction, you will need to prepare a proposal for the annual NAMGAR Board of Directors meeting. A letter of intent from the Host Committee should be sent to the Vice Chairman.

Applying to Host a Regional GT

NAMGAR encourages Regional GTs as a way of providing an opportunity to NAMGAR members to attend a NAMGAR sponsored event other than the National GT. One purpose of a Regional GT is to introduce NAMGAR membership, activities and camaraderie in areas where National GTs have not been held. The locale and timing of a Regional GT are not to conflict with a National GT.

A Regional GT is typically for NAMGAR members, but exceptions can be made on an event-by-event basis and for most of them, membership is not required. The thought is that the event helps promote NAMGAR, encourages membership and spreads the word about the benefits of NAMGAR membership.

There are also occasions where a Regional GT is held concurrently with another prominent car event such as “NAMGAR at the Glen” in 2004. This event celebrated the 50th anniversary of MG racing at Watkins Glen, NY, and NAMGAR contributed the Bucher-Decker Award to the highest placed MGA in the Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy all-MG Race. The NAMGAR Vice Chairman approves the event and authorizes potential reimbursement, but all planning is done by the local Host Chapter.

A NAMGAR Chapter’s request to host a Regional GT must be in writing and directed to the NAMGAR Vice Chairman. The request must include the proposed date, location and the planned Schedule of Events. The location and schedule must not conflict with the National GT or other regional events. The decision to support the Regional GT is made by the NAMGAR Board.

If your Chapter is considering hosting either a National or Regional GT, please contact the NAMGAR Vice Chairman prior to submitting your proposal.

Updated October 27, 2016

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Last updated on October 27, 2016.