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NAMGAR welcomes you to a Get-Together (GT)! Whether you have already signed up for your first GT, or are thinking of attending your first GT, we hope that this primer will help you understand the activities that will take place, and will serve as your guide to the ins and outs of NAMGAR’s exciting week. 


AUCTION: Often a Silent Auction format is used for special donated items. Items to be auctioned are displayed in the vendor room along with bid sheets. Bids are closed during the banquet and successful bidders are announced.

AWARDS: NAMGAR gives a wide variety of quality awards for the various events held during a GT week. The number of cars displayed in a given class influences the number of awards. To view the car classes, please see the NAMGAR website.

BALLOT BOXES: The ballot boxes for the Car Show voting and Photos/Arts/Crafts will be located close to the Car Show area at each event. If you can't find them, please ask. Ballots must be in the appropriate box by the close of each contest as published in the event program.

BANQUET: The GT weeks activities usually end with the awards banquet on Thursday evening. It is usually a “re- sort dressy” affair. The NAMGAR Vice Chairman handles the evening program. Awards will be presented after the meal has been finished.

CAR SHOW: It is a show of cars that are covered by the covenants of NAMGAR. Any MGA, Altered A or Magnette is eligible and are encouraged to enter. No one tells you how to vote. The key is participation. We would like to see every car at the GT lined up in the car display. To view the car classes please see NAMGAR website. (See Voting for more info.)

CHAIRPERSON(s): The person or persons in charge of the event.

COCKTAIL PARTY: Held before dinner events, these are traditional 'no-host' (you pay). Everyone who is registered for the GT is welcome.

DRESS: Most GT goers dress casual and weather appropriate for all events. The exception being banquet night where “resort dress" is most appropriate. People enjoy the challenge of getting nice clothes to the GT in their A’s. If there is an event during the week where costumes are encouraged, you can show off your creative skills.

DISTANCE AWARDS: There are two distance awards given at the GT.

Furthest Distance: NAMGAR gives a pewter Distance Award to the NAMGAR member who drives an MGA, Magnette or Variant the greatest distance to attend a GT. The distance is determined by measuring the direct, straight-line distance from the member’s home to the GT site, either using a map and a ruler or by using a computer program. The GT participant is responsible for submitting the mileage upon arrival at the GT.

Dash Plaque: NAMGAR also gives a 1000, 2000 or 3000 mile dash plaque to any NAMGAR member who drives an MGA, Magnette or Variant 1000 to1999 miles, 2000 to 2999 miles, or 3000 and over miles from his or her home to the GT site. Any route can accumulate the miles. The award is not given to trailered vehicles.

EVENT PROGRAM: In your registration packet you will find an Event Program that lists many important items. You’ll find a schedule, a list of participants and the GT staff assisting at the event. Keep this program handy so you can refer to it during the week. Updates will be posted at the GT registration desk.

FIRST TIMERS CAR DISPLAY: A car display for the cars of members at the GT for the first time. The display is often close to the area where the First Timers Reception is held. There is no voting in this display and all other GT participants are encouraged to check out the cars while there are on display.

FIRST TIMERS RECEPTION: A gathering of all of the First Time members is held on Monday afternoon/early evening. Hosted by the NAMGAR Board, it is a way for the Board to meet all of the members who are attending a GT for the first time and to officially welcome them to the event. We encourage all First Timers to attend this reception - be sure to indicate that you are a First Timer on the GT Registration Form.

FUNKHANA: A low-speed driving event usually requiring a driver and navigator. No car breaker, but fun for spectators as well as participants.

GT-XX: See Get Together. For a list of all previous GT locations, visit

GET TOGETHER: This is a term used to designate the yearly event hosted by NAMGAR. Each year has a number designator to indicate which GT it is. You will often see GT- followed by a number on materials for that week. Members will often refer to locations by their GT number.

GT COMMITTEE MEMBERS & STAFF: These are the members who are assisting with the day-to-day operations of putting on the GT. A brightly colored shirt or other clothing item with “Staff” or some other phrase will often identify them. They can answer questions or provide help during the GT.

HOSPITALITY SUITE: A gathering place for all attendees to spend time together. There are often various beverages and snacks provided by the GT committee and other supporters. Name badges must be worn to enter the suite.

LADIES PROGRAMS: During the GT there may be some programs or tours offered that maybe of special interest to the NAMGAR members who would like something to do that is non-car related. The programs are often tailored to women but some may be of interest to all. Check the schedule to see what is offered for the GT.

MEAL & SPECIAL EVENT TICKETS: You have pre-purchased and made various meal selections in advance of the GT. Your tickets for these meals will be included in your registration packet. Please check your tickets for meals and special events BEFORE you leave the registration desk. You MUST have your tickets with you to participate.

NAME TAG: You should find one for every member of your party in your registration packet. If not, ask at our registration desk. You MUST wear your nametag throughout the GT week and you will find that it is a great ice-breaker.

First Timers Name Tags: You will note that your name tag(s) is a little different than other member’s tags. We do this so we can recognize you throughout the week and make sure this GT will be a memorable experience for you.

ORIENTATION: Usually held on the first night of a GT (Monday). It will provide you with information on upcoming activities for the week and any other special updates to schedules or activities.

PHOTOS/ARTS/CRAFTS: This contest is designed to give recognition to all of the creative people of NAMGAR. Members are encouraged to bring M.G. photographs (color, B&W), artistic creations or craft times related to our hobby to the GT for display. Entries in this class are assigned numbers, displayed, and ballots are provided for popular voting. Voting is held during the Car Show.

RAFFLE: Tickets may be sold throughout the week for prizes donated by members and sponsors. Prizes are usually awarded each night.

RALLYE: Usually a low pressure, driving event. Sometimes we will use TSD (Time/Speed/Distance rules) to change things up. All drives are on hard-surfaced roads covering 25-50 miles, but sometimes more. You should have two people in the car and be on time for the start. On occasion, the Rallye will have a stop at a point of interest along the way. We encourage all attendees to participate in this event. It is a way to see the local area.

REGALIA SALES: Regalia for each GT is ordered on your GT registration form. No GT related regalia is available for sale at the GT. So if you see something you may want, make sure to order it on your registration.

REGISTRATION DESK: Register and check-in for the GT here. Collect your packet here and this will be your point of contact for any questions you may have throughout the GT.

REGISTRATION FEE: There is a set charge for each family registering for the GT. This fee supports the event. For it, one may enter all events for which he/she is eligible. One also receives a registration packet that contains items that the GT Committee has pre-purchased: plaques and other mementos, I.D. cards, programs, etc. The fee also covers insurance, printing, and awards. Anyone wearing a GT nametag has paid this fee. Because late registrations result in extra effort for the organizers, a higher fee is charged for 'walk-in' or late registrations.

REGISTRATION NUMBER: When you send in your GT registration you will be assigned a number for that event. It will be on your nametag as well as on the pre-printed car display card for your cars windshield. This number will help our committee make sure that all of the support documents required for the week get to you.

SECURITY: Most suburban hotels provide their own form of security. This is no guarantee but certainly helps. If you approach an MG in the parking area when security is present, expect to be challenged. Your nametag must match the event card in the windshield of the car. You should have a key that fits. If not, security will not permit you to touch the car. Please cooperate with any security that you encounter and please be sure that your insurance is current.

SEMINARS/TECH SESSIONS: These are held on a variety of topics. Go if you're interested, but please be on time. Be sure to ask questions, as many of the programs are dependent upon questions from the audience.

TRAILER PARKING: Parking for trailers and pull vehicles will be provided on a first come basis. Every attempt will be made to have the parking close by, but in some situations trailer parking may be located off-property.

VENDORS: Each GT has a Vendor room. Here you will find various businesses that have merchandise of interest to NAMGAR members for sale. The hours vary and you should check your schedule for when the Vendors will be open.

VOTING: If you have a ballot then you are free to cast it as you wish. You make your own standards. If you are an originality buff, then vote for original cars. If you like plaid upholstery, then vote for those cars. It's your opinion, and the most popular cars win. Overwhelmingly the most original, best-restored cars have been the class winners over the years. Interestingly, too, we find that the winning car usually wins by fifty or more votes; thus, it has been impossible for local group block vote to influence the results.

WALK-IN: Any Member who arrives at the GT without pre-registering. There is an extra charge for this. It is much better to pre-register; if you don't make it, you'll be sent the packet.

We hope that we’ve been able to convey the essence of a GT for you. If you have any questions about the week, please don’t hesitate to ask.

NOTE: The NAMGAR Internet Coordinators would like to extend their thanks to the author of this document. We have tried for a period of time to identify the author - without success.  If you are the author of this document, please drop us an email so we can give you the appropriate credit.

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Last updated on February 25, 2017.