Magnetteers Celebrate First-Ever “Drive Your Magnette” Day

Photo for Magnetteers Celebrate First-Ever “Drive Your Magnette” Day

From coast to coast, real MGs with four doors were seen in all corners of North America. Yeah, there were a few glitches – like the designated date of October 4th just happened to be Yom Kippur this year – an unfortunate but surely unintended error. Nevertheless, a number of ZMG members have graced us with photos documenting their ventures.

First, we see the originators of “Real MGs have four doors”, Wayne and Dee Johnson, out and about in their distinctive colorful Varitone. Can you imagine a more beautiful conclusion to a perfect day of cruising in your Magnette!

Johnson's MagnetteWayne and Dee’s car heads home after what must have been a beautiful southern California day.






Next, we head to southern Missouri for David Darby’s celebration of "Drive your Magnette Day".

Peregrinations around Hilda, Missouri, on “Drive Your Magnette Day,” 2014. Any day is a good day to perambulate around the neighborhood in your Magnette. My neighborhood is the Mark Twain National Forest in southern Missouri. When not driving to club events, our Magnette (dubbed “Anna Magdanetta”), is often out running errands, like the twenty-two mile round trip to the grocery.

Today, it was just a pleasure spin to glimpse the first of the fall color.

Mark Twain National Forest

Now way up in northern California - near the Oregon border - Michael Mitchell writes about "OLD Etna Road" (established 1874), here in Etna, California, population approximately 800. The altitude is approximately 2,800ft. It is the road that leads to the Marble Mountains.

And now, we cross all the way to the East Coast to Providence, Rhode Island, where Dick Sprafke documents his celebration of "Drive Your Magnette Day". The condition of Dick's Magnette is not all that unusual, but his presentation is. Dick's "drive" was a roll-out from his garage. Some may question whether that was a "drive" or not, but considering the early stage of Dick's restoration, it was no doubt an exhilarating adventure. Be sure to read his suggested captions (below)!

"Maybe next year (or the one after that) I'll actually drive it out of the garage?"

"Providence, RI Chapter Achieves 100% Attendance for the 2014 Drive Your Magnette Day."

"Waiting patiently for Steve Kirby to show up for the first ever Pink Slips and Parts Cars - Push Your Magnette Races".

Next, wending our way down to Florida, we find John Shoemaker's other Magnette. But, like Dick Sprafke's, it is in restoration. John says he actually can drive it, but not legally. Judging by his picture, he doesn't need to drive it!.

John Shoemaker's Magnette

Back to the West Coast, and Steve Hanegan reports from Seattle: Well, I didn't get quite as far as I had hoped, But I did spend the day running errands (after the obligatory bath - black is NOT a color... it is a full time job!!) and I did cover about 50 miles in my travels. I did manage to take a tour of the ferry terminals around my house in North Seattle... the Edmonds to Kingston ferry was too crowded for pictures, and the Bainbridge Island ferry was so crowded that I couldn't get anywhere that presented a decent photo... I struck gold at the Mukilteo - Clinton ferry to Whidbey Island where I was met by a lighthouse curator who took a fancy to the Magnette and held aside a wedding party to give me a chance for a close-up shot in front of the Mukilteo lighthouse - right at the ferry dock... Woo Hoo! The chap in the blue shirt to the left of the picture was the curator and started to shoo me off from the "ABSOLUtELY NO STOPPING OR PARKING" zone in front of the lighthouse until he recognized the car and proceeded to initiate a 20 minute conversation about his Dad and his cars and his friends with T-series cars... not that I minded that at all! One of the most endearing facts about our cars is the smiles of recognition and remembrance it brings to the faces of those "of a certain age" who recall a day when they were less scarce on the streets! I thought that I was going to have a riot on my hands at the local petrol stop as I was filling up, a chap and his brother came over and told me of memories of their Dad's Magnette as they were growing up - and the mischief they enjoyed in the ca as young drivers... then their friend and his wife pulled up (the friend made sure that I knew that his #1 son was conceived in the back seat of a Magnette) - I ended up with a crowd of about 6 or 7... some things never change! Thank you Mr. Palmer!

Steve leaves us with one final picture, showing the lighthouse curator referred to in his text above. You can see the talkative enthusiast at the far left of the picture below.

Steve Hanegan's Magnette

Rodger Shaver shows us a GT (Get-Together) with 100% attendance from the Idaho ZMG Chapter. Recall that Dick Sprafke reported the same attendance level in Providence.

Rodger Shaver's Magnettes

Notice that the Ivory over Autumn Red car in Rodger’s picture is not Bachelder’s, although Bachelder’s car appears in the following photo of all registered Magnettes in the state of Michigan.

It was quite a trick to get them all assembled (it was quite a trick to get Bachelder’s car all assembled!) – but at any rate, here you see 100% attendance of all Michigan Magnettes meeting in the Wadham’s Road Shopping Center just minutes away from Bachelder’s house. That thing next to it is an equally rare Smart Dumbcar Ratrod. Does it count when you send in a proxy? Bachelders intended a second Drive your Magnette Day while participating in a final fall color tour with our venerable Michigan Rowdies on October 25th. Alas, as October 25th dawned, “Geraldine” (our Magnette) confessed to an oil leak – just disheartening enough that when she offered her garage-mate Chrysler Town & Country van as a surrogate, we reluctantly accepted. While some may question a Chrysler posing as a Magnette, please note: this is a “pull-handle” Chrysler! Look all the way down the row of MGAs where you’ll find it prominently displayed.

Finally, let’s travel once again to the center of North America: Wildwood Missouri, where we find John Perkin’s at the feed store.

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Reader Comments (3)

Picture of Michael D Mitchell
Michael D Mitchell (Etna, CA)
on November 4, 2014 12:55pm
Allen, as usual a job "Very WELL Done"........ So many Wonderful Looking Saloons. Sorry I wasn't able to send a better photo (cheap, camera-phone) Haha. Oh well, you get the jist of it, at least we were able to meander up into the Marble Mountain's., a couple of thousand feet, to stop & have Patricia take the photo.
ALL the BeZT to the Gang,
Picture of Allen H Bachelder
Allen H Bachelder (North Street, MI)
on November 4, 2014 7:46pm
Thanks Michael! 'Twas a pleasure, as always, reading and reporting on the adventures of our Magnettic brethren. And thanks for participating. Even with the low-powered camera, it's your enthusiasm and celebration that really count.

Picture of Brian Harrison
Brian Harrison (Canada)
on January 7, 2015 7:35pm
Where would I find regalia with the slogan "real MGs have 4 doors" on it? Thank you.

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