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We hope that you are all seriously considering coming to the Kimber Festival on April 21-22. This will really be a great way to kick off the M.G. season in 2012. The event will be held at the Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, New York. The collection at this museum is really stunning, and attendees will have full access to the entire display.

The Kimber Festival is organized much the way an academic symposium is set up with a variety of speakers addressing various topics in M.G. history. In addition there will be time for networking with other M.G. enthusiasts as well as enjoying the museum itself. This year’s program features speakers and topics guaranteed to satisfy any M.G. enthusiast.

Malcolm Appleton is busy finishing the restoration of his 1932 M.G. F Type Stiles car that has a very interesting custom body complete with a rumble seat. The car has a rather complete history that Malcolm tells very well.

Dick Knudson will speak about “The Birth of the American Sports Car Culture,” a subject that revolves around M.G. and the Automobile Racing Club of America in the 1930s.

Tom Lange has been researching the Mark II TD for some time now and will be sharing his findings with us. Everyone wants to learn the 5 W’s of the Mark II.

Dave Lawley, the editor of The Sacred Octagon, has a wonderful collection of M.G. sales literature he will be discussing. Cecil Kimber always called the sales brochure “the salesman that goes home with the customer.” That is why the M.G. Company always had such outstanding sales literature.

Greg Prehodka, well known vintage M.G. racer and founder of M.G. Vintage Racers, will be giving an overview of vintage racing as well as the wonderful history of the MGVR group in his presentation entitled, “35 Years of M.G. Vintage Racing.” We know Greg will have some interesting stories to share along with his super enthusiasm for the hobby.

Richard Miller, founder of the MG Drivers Club, will present a paper entitled “Export or Die” that will give some insights into the present state of M.G. Wondering about the China effort? Richard will be able to answer our questions.

All the way from California will be Pete Thelander, veteran NE owner and racer, whose topic will be “Researching M.G.’s Rarest Racer.” Pete has been chasing the history of the seven NEs the factory raced back in 1934.

Gord Whatley will talk about the restoration of the unique 1933 K Type Pillarless Saloon of Bob Grunau that he is restoring. We understand Bob will attend and will be adding his comments as well. The restoration of any M.G. always involves many avenues of exploration, and this is particularly true of a rare, prewar sedan.

An added attraction will be a literature swap meet . . . virtually any paper pertaining to M.G. will be welcome.. . . books, sales literature, photos, postcards, W.H.Y? This will take place on Friday evening during the wine and cheese reception. Any participant or registered attendee will be welcome to set up at the swap session. This should afford an opportunity for attendees to add to their personal collections.

Full details of the Schedule and Registration Form can be found at the NEMGTR website.

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Last updated on January 19, 2012.