Jefferson 500 Event Information and Reminders

Photo for Jefferson 500 Event Information and Reminders

In less than two weeks many of us will be joining our MG Vintage Racing friends for another Focus Event at the Jefferson 500 (May 16-19).  As of May 6 there are 74 MG vintage racers entered among a total of 263 vintage racers! It's not too late to enter! Visit the website to register online. 

Tech Info

Tech Central will be at Tivvy Shenton's trailer next to pit out and the restrooms.  Extra tech personnel have been called upon due to event turnout.  There will also be roving tech, including Storm Field, who will concentrate on MGVR tech.  You do not need to be tech'd for Thursday's test day; instead you will find a window sticker in your entry packet to display.  With the large number of MGs at this event, please consider getting tech'd between test sessions on Thursday, or even Wednesday evening if Tech is up and running.  You can assist the overworked Tech crew by clicking on this link to download a copy of VRG's tech form.  Storm recommends that everyone 'pre-tech' their MGs before coming to the track - thus reducing the chance that something will trip you up at the track.  If you have any tech questions, please email Storm.


Don't forget about Thursday evening's MGVR Wine and Cheese gathering at MGVR Central, slated to begin around 6pm. Please bring a sampling of your favorite beer, wine, or cheese to share with your fellow MG vintage racer.

Our MGVR Group Photo is scheduled for 5.30pm Friday at the Start/Finish line. Plan to meet at pit out at 5.15pm so we can quickly assemble as soon as the track goes cold.

You can download an event schedule and paddock map from the VRG's web site. The paddock map locates the MGVR paddock, which will also be designated by MG signage and caution tape.  Please come to MGVR Central near the restrooms if you have questions.

Your entry includes two banquet tickets. If you need additional tickets, now is the time to contact VRG event co-chairs Jim Karaminis or Cal Trumbo.  If you have suggestions for MGVR awards, please contact Chris Meyers. More on traditional awards in the next bulletin.

We will have coffee and tasties in the morning at MGVR Central. We need volunteers to bring donuts/pastries for Thursday-Sunday mornings - please contact Chris Meyers to sign up.

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Last updated on May 10, 2013.