It’s Official: Drive Your Magnette Day Announced!

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Oh how I wish I could take credit for this idea! But alas, it comes from Bruce Woodson and our Magnette-friendly NAMGAR Board. The date is Saturday, October 4, 2014. Put it on your Magnetic Calendars now!

Okay, so what if your Magnette is an “inop?” (From the lexicon of professional car haulers, “in-op” means “inoperable”). Does it have inflatable tyres? Will it roll? Do what I once did with my basket-case 1949 YT. The occasion was unloading it from the deck of a six-car hauler when I brought my MG collection plus my wife’s Buick and my John Deere garden tractor from Virginia up to Michigan in 2006. Came time to roll the YT off the hauler. Regrettably, I left this privilege to my buddy Rob, but somebody had to sit in the driver’s seat and steer (“drive”) this roller off the hauler, as it indeed rolled off and coasted back on the shoulder about 30 feet. That’s the only time that car was “driven” in my six-year ownership, and how sad am I that I was not the one to drive it. Furthermore, this event took place at night when photography, had I thought of it, would have been prohibitive.

Taking a cue from my experience, on 4 October 2014, please inflate your basket-case tyres, secure the car snugly to your daily driver and commandeer your wife, significant other, or beer saturated MG buddy to pull the car out of your garage while you “drive” it for 20 or 30 feet (or whatever the length of your driveway might be), and then push it back in the garage. Make sure you get pictures, as I will be expecting them – as will be the friendly staff of MGA! and your NAMGAR website. Let’s get some really bizarre pictures documenting your celebrations of “Drive Your Magnette Day!”

And of course, if you choose video footage instead, we can put it on the NAMGAR website!

And as for those of us blessed with functioning Magnettes, let us celebrate this day with reckless abandon. Do you have one or more Magnette buddies within, say, 50+ miles? Plan a get-together with another one or two Magnettes, and again, document with pictures. Anybody within 100 miles or so of Port Huron, Michigan? I’d love to get together with you for lunch and a couple of foamy beverages. I would love to submit to MGA! and the NAMGAR website, a fanciful map of North America showing all the Magnette activity on October 4th. So, get creative, and create some memories for this First Annual Drive Your Magnette Day! You’ll be glad you did. Okay, so suppose you do this, but you can’t do it on the 4th. We’ll never know the difference. The important thing is that you celebrated Drive Your Magnette Day!

The picture documents the Bachelder’s ultimate Drive Your Magnette Day. Not in our current “Geraldine” but our previous “Nettie.” We created our own “Drive Your Magnette” month back in 2003, driving Nettie nearly coast-to-coast from our previous home in Blacksburg, Virginia to Welches, Oregon for GT-28. That trip included a hike to Olympia, Washington to visit family, and a detour on our return to Colorado Springs to visit more family. That was an outstanding, trouble-free trip, still reminding us that every day ought to be Drive Your Magnette Day! But enjoy October 4th, and be sure to show us what you did to celebrate!

Allen Bachelder's Magnette

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Reader Comments (2)

Picture of Thomas T. Baumgardner
Thomas T. Baumgardner (Tallmadge, OH)
on August 18, 2014 12:41pm
Why only October 4th? I drive mine almost every week.
On a unrelated note: why is the Magnette part of NAMGAR? The only things the stunning shapely upright sedan shares with its sleek little cousin, beside build dates, are an engine and brakes. I own one of each and can well sympathize with the MGA owners who think the Magnette does not belong in the sports car category.
Picture of Bruce Woodson
Bruce Woodson (Richmond, VA)
on August 18, 2014 2:07pm
Hello Thomas,

Thanks for commenting on Drive Your Magnette day, and congratulations on driving yours so often!

You ask why only October 4th? Well, I’d have to say, it’s a goal … A goal to raise awareness of such a unique and relatively unknown member of the MG family. NAMGAR hopes to partner with all of our local Chapters, as well as many of the national automotive publications, to celebrate the perfect day to get your Magnette out and show it to the world. Think of it as a Birthday of sorts. And, like your birthday, we would want to celebrate the occasion, even though we may see you every day!

As to “Why is the Magnette part of NAMGAR?” We’re just lucky I guess. We’re lucky that the ZA & ZB Magnette shares the same B series engine as the MGA, the common bond of all the cars of the NAMGAR family. We’re also lucky to have so many enthusiastic Magnette owners a part of NAMGAR. And, we’re lucky to have you as a longtime active member of NAMGAR as well.

See you on the road on October 4th … If not sooner!

Safety Fast!
Bruce Woodson
Chairman – North American MGA Register

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