Historic Sebring MGA Reunion

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Two historic Sebring MGA 1600 Deluxe Coupes will reunite at the Sebring track for the first time since 1962 - the final year for MGAs at Sebring. The renunion will take place at the 12 Hours of Sebring event being held March 18-21, 2015.

Jim Plowden, owner of car #51 and Hugh and Liz Burruss, owners of Car #52, will bring their Sebring MGAs back to the track for Sebring week. Car #51 is no stranger to the track, having competed for many years, driven successively and successfully by Jack Howard, Emery Vass and John Kelley until its retirement in 1986. Car #51 will return to the track after almost 30 years absence, and will be driven by Larry Smith in the Sprint and Enduro vintage races. Car #51 and Car #52 will both be displayed in the Legends Showroom, and will participate in display laps and the drive to Downtown Sebring. It is hoped that Emery Vass will be present too.

Car #51 as it is today (photo by Jim Plowden)

Car #52Car #52 (photo by David Harrison)

This may be a once in lifetime opportunity to see these historic MGAs cars together at Sebring , as car #51 may join owner Jim Plowden in California, coincidentally the home of the third 1962 Sebring MGA, Car #53 owned by John Wright. Car #52 is located in Virginia and is well known for competing in East Coast vintage events such as Watkins Glen. All three 1962 team cars were in Florida during the Sebring MGA Reunion event organised by Mike Eaton, Bob Watkin and David Harrison in 2012, but only cars #52 and #53 made it to the track. Maybe all three cars will reunite in California one day, but in the meantime take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy an exciting Sebring experience.

Sebring Grid 1962Cars #51, #52 & #53 on the Grid at Sebring in 1962 (photo by Jim Plowden)

Car #51 at Speed at Sebring in 1962 (photo by Jim Plowden)

Further information on the event is available on the Sebring website.

Click here to download more information on the history of MGAs racing at Sebring - in particular cars #51, #52, and #53.

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Last updated on March 10, 2015.