“Drive Your MGA Day” Goes International

Photo for “Drive Your MGA Day” Goes International

We have received reports and photos from Australia, Holland, and New Zealand, in addition to US and Canada, on the drives made on May 5th in MG's. In addition, several individuals have posted photos and comments of their drives on the NAMGAR Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to the website.  We will be happy to post any further reports and photos that we receive.

Australia - Dave Godwin

RIP and other Drive your MGA Day Participants

"We heard about your MGA Day and had one of our own to support you! Five of our Gold Coast MG Car Club MGA members got together with a bunch of other MG drivers and visited a lovely area called Northern New South Wales in Australia for a weekend of fun and safety fast. Needless to say, the cars performed admirably and the 450 mile trip in perfect autum weather was a gem!

The red MGA called RIP is the one that drove from MG China to MG Briton in 2010 and will be driving from MG Cape Town to MG Abingdon later this year with 10 other MGA's and MGB's! Consider the options from Egypt to Europe? Libya or Syria! There are no car ferries operating from Egypt at all! These are very brave souls! Wish us the best of luck, please! Hope you are able to use the pics in the MGA magazine and on your new web site.

Congratulations on the new web site - I wish I was visiting GT37 with the Locks in a few months time!!!"

NAMGAR Internet Coordinators Note: the NAMGAR website will have regular updates from Dave and the group traveling from Cape Town to Cairo, and on to MG Abingdon - be sure to check the NAMGAR website regularly starting in September.

Canada - Peter & Anne Tilbury

CCMGC Drivers' Briefing

The Canadian Classic MG Club, and their sister Club, the Canadian XK Jaguar Register, enjoyed blue skies and sunshine on their drive in and around White Rock, BC.  Four MGA's were accompanied by eight MGB's, five Jaguars and a Morgan.

The tour started at Belle's Cafe in South Surrey and ended on Crescent Beach via the River's Bend Winery.

This was the 3rd annual "Drive" Day in BC, and the first one that had fine weather!

Holland - Rutger Booy

Rutger in his MGA

"Photo from Holland (Rotterdam), where it’s spring, but also cold, windy and raining ;-(

Yet a great day out!

 All the best".


New Zealand - Martyn Dunn

Drive your MGA Day in New Zealand

"Hi Guys. Great autumn weekend here in New Zealand, eight MGAs plus and assortment of pre war and t types spend an overnight stay at Raglan Beach, a popular surfers spot, cars from Auckland and Waikato area, good drive, good company, need I say more?"


United States - David & Wendy Friswell

The Friswell's of Boca Raton

David and Wendy Friswell of Boca Raton in their 1960 MGA 1600, FL heading out to a Cinco de Mayo dinner and drive along the ocean.

Safety Fast!

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Last updated on May 10, 2012.