Drive Your Magnette Day Observed on Schedule

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Way back in the Fall of 2016, “Drive Your Magnette Day” was being observed. Regrettably your humble reporter could not participate as business called him away. But let the following three examples serve to remind us all that our Magnettes are being driven!

Ed Sweeney did just the right thing – he just took his Magnette out for a relaxing cruise. Destination was not important, driving the Magnette around Maple Shade, NJ was! On some stop, he took this picture for us.

Meanwhile in Oakland California, Kirk Prentiss writes:

“This was my first “Drive Your Magnette Day” outing. “Sir Winston” and I met up with other fellow Sorry Safari Touring Society and MGOC members to attend the Historic Races featuring MGs at Sonoma Raceway in California. The Vintage MG Racers were the sponsors of this charity event. It was a great day at the track with pleasant weather and lots of car talk and looking at the race cars. We had 13 MGs in attendance and Winston was the only Magnette!”

Kirk’s car reminds us of a variant on an old Sesame Street song: “Which of these cars is not like the others…” In case it looks familiar, we hasten to remind readers that this Magnette was once the proud possession of Mike Jacobsen in San Francisco. Mike remains an active, significant member of Z Magnette Group as he maintains our club roster! We also applaud Mike in that if indeed you must sell your Magnette, you must choose your buyer carefully. Kirk is indeed the most-carefully-chosen buyer, and a frequent contributor to our chat list. He is taking care to maintain and upgrade this beautiful car.

And then there’s Michael Mitchell, writing from Etna, California. How many of you have heard of Etna, California? Hint: it’s way up there near the Oregon border. We have to confess that “Etna” is not the first thing that occurs to most of us when somebody mentions California. Michael is doing his best to rectify that. His “Drive Your Magnette Day” submission is a veritable travelogue for Etna.

First, we start out at the Post Office – proof that Etna really exists: zip 96027.

Probably not far from that Post Office, but there’s nothing like this view of a Magnette to take it seriously!

And we’re off to Yreka California, 35 miles northeast. If you live in Etna, this is where you find the closest interstate highway: I-5. But with Michael’s Magnette, who wants to get on an interstate?

Back on the city limits of Etna! Founded in 1874 – I believe that’s before the Magnette!

Hey, I didn’t know Etna had a population of 770. And that elevation suits me fine: 2942 feet. High enough for clean fresh air, low enough for comfortable temperatures. ‘Think I’m sold, Michael; is there room for another Magnette in Etna?

Then, if your Magnette runs well at 2942 feet, you might as well move up to the summit: 4197 feet, and Michael’s ZB is obviously still running fine. Otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten home to post these pictures.

Many thanks Ed, Kirk and Michael!

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Last updated on May 6, 2017.