Chapter Reports on “Drive Your MGA Day 2014” (Updated 19 May 2014)

Photo for Chapter Reports on “Drive Your MGA Day 2014” (Updated 19 May 2014)

The annual "Drive Your MGA Day" took place in many parts of North America on Saturday, May 3, 2014. Posted below are several articles and photos from NAMGAR Chapters detailing their celebrations.  A big "thank you" to those Chapters that submitted materials. Looks like everyone had fun - despite the weather.

Milwaukee & Great Lakes MG Motorcar Group Ltd

The following report is from President, Dave Jefferson with photos taken by Ken Rizzo

"My theory is that there was no rain left to fall on our parade, after a week's worth of soggy drenching. So the forecast the day before really looked good, with only a 7% chance of rain for Saturday. When the sun came out May 3, so did the cars!! We were all knocked over by the turnout, with 27 people in 17 vehicles. Amazing. The ride started on time with Ed Kaufman leading us to the fantasy house on Milwaukee's south side, then it was north over the Hoan bridge, up Lake Dr., and onto Grafton for a pit stop. We had a repeat of the 2010 tour when we encountered a run/walk of thousands on Lincoln Memorial Drive; we honked and they cheered and waved. The second leg took us over country roads in Ozaukee & Washington counties, ending at Wayne's Drive-in at Five Corners for our impromptu car show and lunch. The sun was shining the whole time, and it really looked like a Summer sky. Some had their tops down. Smiles all around.

Milwaukee Chapter

Milwaukee Chapter

Canadian Classic MG Club, Vancouver

This article has been written by Colleen McInnes, a friend of CCMGC & NAMGAR members, Andy and Joyce McCombie. They drove a metric car, but it was their first “event”. Apparently they learned a lot in the 2 hours it took to drive the route. Many thanks to David Butcher for the photos.

"While it rained most of the day, we were very impressed that 24 out of 25 cars that entered actually turned up. We had 43 people for the Kaffee Klatch and the lunch at Adrian’s Greek Restaurant at Langley Airport (south east of Vancouver). Food was great; the staff were fantastic in their service, and it was a pleasure to be with them. The Club sponsored the tea, coffee, and sticky buns!

"Rally Sport for First Timers

What was I worried about going out to our first car rally? We learned everything we needed to know in the first half hour at Adrian's Restaurant!!

  • You do not have to have an MG to participate, but don't tell anyone, you just need to know the right people.
  • Those exclamation marks on Peter's maps need not scare you, just follow the car in front of you.
  • If you get into trouble because your wiper blades don't work, another MG driver has the right tools to fix them.
  • "Keep to the speed limit," really means, "only while you are in the restaurant ."
  • We heard when it is raining out it is extra 'cool' to keep your vehicle's top down (you know who you are).
  • Each rally your wife accompanies you on, equates to another trip she goes on without you (she knows who you are).
  • When Peter's map indicated you had a choice of pavement over gravel, well that just wasn't true. Actually the gravel was one of the 'funest' sections!
  • Prostatic pressure squeeze, no problem, the rest stop was perfect.
  • Write down the exact location of the places you want to revisit, such as Old Clayburn & Glen Valley Regional Park.
  • When you return for the delicious lunch. ensure you have a "designated drinker."

Thanks to Andy & Joyce, our long time friends who invited us, and a special thanks to Peter and Anne for organizing this very enjoyable event.

Lastly, avoid Peter at all costs, or you will be writing in the next newsletter."

Vancouver ChapterVancouver ChapterVancouver Chapter

Hoosier A’s

Below is an article on the  “Drive Your MGA Day” event submitted by Bill Gallihugh, Hoosier A's Chapter Coordinator.

"The celebrated “Drive your MGA Day” by Driving! Other than eating, it’s what we do best.

"On May 3rd, the Indiana MGA group, together with our partners* in the MG-T and MGB clubs, joined with the Indiana Triumph Cars Club for our annual “MG/Triumph Drive-Along”. This year an assortment of A’s, B’s, Tr-4’s, Tr-6’s, and Spitfires hit the road in Southern Indiana for a long day of back country roads and warm spring weather. The center piece of the drive was a guided tour of the Jefferson Proving Grounds, now mostly the Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge. (The 56,000 acre Proving Grounds was used for artillery and aircraft gunnery practice from 1940 through 1995, and, according to our guide, still contains 1.4 million rounds of unexploded shells. We got a long lecture on not straying off the roads!)

"We finally made our way for lunch around 3:30, after half the group got lost on the back trails of the Proving Grounds. All-in-all, another pleasant day of driving our LBCs through places we’ve never been before – and sharing those experiences with a lot of like-minded friends.

"*As a footnote, some years ago the Hoosier A’s formed a confederation with the Olde Octagons of Indiana (‘T and Vintage MG) and the Hoosier MGB Club – now known collectively as the Hoosier MG’s. Each club maintains its own identity, officers, and dues, but we share the newsletter, website, and all events are open to members of all 3 clubs. A joint monthly dinner/meeting and tire-kicking session keeps friendships alive and more events in the queue. You are invited to view our website for pictorial journeys through time with 25 years of group photos, 2014 event photos, and member photo galleries for each club.

Hoosier A's

Victoria (BC) MG Club

This a picture of a few of the hearty members of the Victoria MG Club that traveled from Victoria to Sooke and enjoyed a lunch at the Prestige Hotel. We missed the good weather by two days. We intend to try it again in the summer. It still was a good day with good company, good food and lots of laughs. The event was organized by Russ Cape and Neil Fawdry, both of whom are NAMGAR members.

Drivers left to right- Roger Burgess, Neil Fawdry, Len Smith and Susan Chapple. Len and Bonny Sm th are registered for the GT-39 / Cruise to the Capital. Look for them in Ottawa.

Victoria Chapter

Mid-Atlantic Chapter

This year’s May 3rd “Drive Your MGA Day” was an exceptional event for our Mid-Atlantic Chapter of NAMGAR. The weather promised to be beautiful and did not disappoint. The Chapter was represented by twenty-seven members, eight MGAs and several other beautiful British motoring machines.

After rendezvousing in Haymarket, Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter caravan set off on a drive that navigated some of the most beautiful driving roads in Northern Virginia. The smooth, curvy, tree-canopied roads, beautiful vistas and cool dry weather proved to be the perfect combination. With horse pastures and mountain views around every corner, the pace was kept slow enough to take-in all the beautiful distractions.

After enjoying the first forty miles of the drive, the caravan stopped at the historical Marriott Ranch for a photo opportunity. Marriott Ranch has been the getaway for many presidents and heads of state over the past two centuries and its pastures and mountain views proved to be the perfect backdrop for our classic MGAs. Our group was very fortunate to have a MGA enthusiast and professional photographer who chronicled the drive and added that professional touch to the photos that will be cherished for years to come.

Following the stop at Marriott Ranch, the caravan navigated several more miles of beautiful fieldstone fence-lined roads enroute to its next scheduled stop at Rappahannock Cellars. The picturesque winery in Huntly, Virginia pulled out the stops for our crew as they cordoned off an MGA only parking area and set aside a special wine tasting area for our navigators to savor some of the Cellar’s finest. In addition to wine tasting, the host served up some history of the region and interesting stories about the local wine industry. The attention Rappahannock Cellars displayed to our group was remarkable in all regards and provided everyone another good memory of the drive. We would like to especially thank Andrew and Kelly who made our visit to winery quite memorable.

After our short stay at the winery, everyone squeezed in their LBCs and we headed off to our lunch stop at Griffin Tavern in beautiful Flint Hill, Virginia. The British-styled pub provided a wonderful venue and great food for some good ole’ camaraderie. Our significant number and simultaneous arrival was demanding but the folks at Griffin Tavern were welcoming and attentive. If you ever find yourself touring around in Fauquier-Rappahannock wine country be sure to give them a try.

Following lunch, the caravan pushed off on its final leg through Northern Virginia wine country. The asphalt was smooth, curvy and the cars were holding up spectacularly. The last planned stop was at John and Laura Casey’s home for some well-deserved dessert and one last opportunity to share stories and make plans for the next club event.

As with all good things, they must eventually come to an end. This year’s Drive Your MGA Day provided another great opportunity to drive our beloved cars, form new friendships and reinvigorate old ones. Hope to see everyone at the next GT. Many thanks to Joost van Daal for the photos.

Mid-Atlantic Chapter

MG Car Club of Toronto

This article and photos has been submitted by Johan and Renee Petersen.

Once again Renee and I organized the MGCCT Drive Your MGA Day drive. This year we chose a scenic route taking us East of Toronto and along the shore of Lake Ontario to Port Hope.

On the morning of May 3rd with grey weather and 8 degrees C we drove to the starting point in East Toronto to lead the drive. At 9.45 our MGA and 8 MGBs left for Port Hope. We had a nice drive with some points of interest on the way. An old water powered mill which had been in operation since the 1840s. The birth place of McLaughlin the founder of GM Canada and a B&B with a Spitfire plane, a Messerschmidt, a tank and various Model A Fords parked on their property. A photo op in Newcastle. Then on to Port Hope to have lunch at the Beamish House. Here Michael Hunt, one of the founders of our club, joined us for lunch.

I mentioned to the group that there is an Octagon house which was built in 1850 in Port Hope. Michael advised us that if we wanted to visit, he knows the owner who owns a MGA Twin Cam amongst other cars. We drove there and were received by the owner who showed us his cars and gave us a very interesting tour of his historic home. The Twin Cam has been completely restored and it was a pleasure to be able to see it. The group then set off on the return trip home. Unfortunately it rained most of the time on our return.

The MGA drove well. We had the top up, the heater on and it was not necessary to install the side curtains. Renee had her MG blanket with her. We would like to thank the support of the MGB drivers who attended this year’s event. Without them, the drive would have been cancelled. It appears that early May is possibly too early in the year for our MGA members to drive their cars?

Safety Fast.

Toronto MG Club



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