2017 Drive Your Magnette Day: Lots of Fun!!

Photo for 2017 Drive Your Magnette Day: Lots of Fun!!

Lots of fun, lots of activity for “Drive Your Magnette Day last October. First of all, we hear from one of our most active “foreign correspondents”: David Halliday, who seems to commute almost weekly from the UK to Australia. Here’s David’s report.

“I just wanted to drop in my pics for drive your Magnette. Last Sunday I drove my Island Green ZB in Australia and this weekend I drove my Island Green ZB in the U.K. Two similar cars 1/2 a world apart.

“You may be interested to know that this weekend John Twist was doing a ‘Complete MGA and Magnette tune up’ session at Grant Howlett’s Wroxall Abbey. My car was used for the demo and is now running very well. The only real issue that we had was the sump guard stopped us from doing the timing properly - a job for Sunday.

“This was the longest run that the car has been on for a while. This was about a 140 mile round trip. With the Alexander overdrive I was sitting on 70 mph at about 3,000revs.”

You certainly know what you’re driving in this picture!

And in the next picture, we see John Twist doing what we all know him to do so well. He learned his skills and knowledge in the UK. There’s something wonderful about his taking them back to share in the UK.

And below that, we find David’s magnificent ZB waiting it’s turn at Wroxall. As long as we’re talking about Island Green ZBs, we have pictures from Ed Polonus. Ed’s Magnette was off the road for a while due to some major engine work. It’s good to see it on the road again.

And now, notice the next is Ed’s left-hand drive car. It would be neat to see these twins mirror each-other on a show field. These are taken by a covered bridge in Knox County, Illinois, north of Peoria.













And now for something completely different. Wayne and Dee Johnson always keep the faith, but their current campaign favorite has got to be their exquisite MG SA.

Meanwhile, Steve Hanegan’s current Magnette project was not quite ready for the road yet, so he took it for a “spin” on its jack-stand wheels in the garage!

Steve writes: “I DID take advantage of the wheels that are on the bottom of the jack stands that hold Andrea’s car in the air - and spun it around to take up the WHOLE shop pending tomorrow’s arrival of the professional detailer who is going to flat sand and buff out all of the imperfections in the paint! Then I can put the lights and all of the chrome and then pressure test the smoke plumbing!

"Getting closer to an actual Magnette every day!” (Editor’s note: as we go to press this car is a lot more ready!).

Rodger Shaver writes: “I drove my Birch Grey Magnette to the Idaho British Car Club gathering on Saturday. A nice drive for a crisp fall day.”

Louis Levin writes: “On Saturday October 7th 7 members of the Central Valley British Car Club drove from Modesto, CA to the Delta town of Locke, CA, about 73 miles one way. There were 4 MGs including my Magnette, a mini van and a Morris Minor woody. Note the pictures attached, the first includes the 3 other MGs, and the second shows my granddaughter (Ella) pumping gas in Locke under the Ice Cream sign.

We all had lunch at the well-known restaurant: "Al the Wops" in Locke and then headed back home. A beautiful day for a club event and drive through the country side of the central valley.

Next, we hear from John Perkins in Missouri: “Since it was raining on Saturday, I drove the Magnette on Sunday. My Magnette handles well in wet weather, it's the other people on the road I need to avoid. Anyway, I did use the Magnette to run errands; it seemed a touch ironic to use a 61 year old British car to pick up parts for my wife's Toyota, a 3 year old Japanese car. By the way, at the All British Car Day in St. Louis on 23 Sept, my car took Best in Class in the popular vote.”

Meanwhile, Hank and Cindy Mauel attended a barbecue. Hank explains: “A …photo from Saturday’s annual open house and tri tip BBQ at Seven Enterprise here in Auburn CA. These folks build crazy good Mini (and associated vehicles) engines and transmissions, with a restoration shop a couple doors down. They did the 1275cc engine and transmission that went into my Lotus 7 back in 2010.

Anyway, they allow me to bring my English cars that are distant cousins of Mini’s to the event...this year our “Margaret” attended and was blushing with attention and nice comments. Here is the first photo for the adventures we will have during October.”

Every year, Michael Mitchell is out and about Etna California in the same Magnette he’s owned since 1972! This year, Michael’s Magnette ended up quarantined in his driveway as it came down with a severe case of DCS (Dry Carburetor Syndrome) while enjoying his “Drive your Magnette Day”. We can only add that if you’re going to break down, you might as well do it some place where you can get such a stunning picture – a real artistic achievement.

Michael wrote: “WELL, Here'z She iz, The "Temperamental Gal" on D.Y.M.Day!! STUCK IN My Driveway....Tryin to Finger Out ? Where'z da Gaz, NOT Goin’!!! Workin’ on da FLOAT(Z), Next Will be Fuel Pump.”

As we can see, nobody is more fond of his “Z’s” than our Michael. We all wish him a speedy return to the highways and byways of Way-Northern California.

Then we heard from Ed Brorein in New Jersey. Ed wrote that this was the: “First Real Outing for Drive Your Magnette Day 2017:

“I finally got my Magnette on the road this past summer, but up until now I had only been taking it out on short trips around the neighborhood, sorting out problems as they made themselves known. So, for Drive Your Magnette Day 2017 I took her out for a first real drive and attended the Fallfest British car show some 15 miles away. While some more things requiring attention made themselves known, I did make it there and back without any issues. And I took third place in the “other British” category, which consisted of good number of very nice cars. It just goes to show that Magnettes rule!” (‘ Love the color of Ed’s ZB).

Allen & Florrie Bachelder got out to shop for a Halloween pumpkin at “Cookie Koochies” in Port Huron Michigan – their favorite local farmer’s market, and then headed over to the St Clair River for a splendid view of our wonderful Canadian neighbor.

And here we are at the beautiful Blue Water Bridge spanning the St Clair River from the US to Canada. Note the beautiful bride between the car and the bridge!

Victor Rostov cruises around his Virginia farm. He writes he’s: “Driving ‘Grey Malkin’ down the Greenway. Since the Commonwealth of Virginia has not seen fit in the last three weeks to issue me a title to the car, I can only drive it around the farm. I also thought that I really should make my photo identical to every other US Magnette picture since all we geezers look the same, with the white beards and the old cars.”

We end our tour of “Drive Your Magnette Day” activities with Dan Suter’s handsome ZB – sporting wire wheels yet! Dan wrote: “My Magnette drive was a beautiful 36-mile ride through fall foliage in upstate New York on a dry and sunny day, to put the car away for winter storage at a friend’s place. After being down for a number of weeks clearing a fuel clogging problem, I got it up and running and delivered to storage a mere 30 hours before our first early snowfall of the season.”

We’re so happy, Dan, that you got the chance to successfully test your repairs!

ZMGNA had a very good turnout participating in that Day to Drive Your Magnettes. We’re already looking forward to a splendid turnout at GT43 in Richmond. Look for us!

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