Wayne and Dee Johnson Honored with Renkenberger Spirit Award

Photo for Wayne and Dee Johnson Honored with Renkenberger Spirit Award

This year marks the 50th year of involvement for Wayne and Dee Johnson with the San Diego MG Club, a NAMGAR chapter. They have been extremely active for all these years as spirited and supporting members of our local Club, but they have also been superbly active in NAMGAR.

They have been to all of the National Council of MG Registers (the “every five years meet”) and they have been, I believe, to every GT (or darn close)! since the mid-90s, travelling the North American continent with their beloved four door MGs. At this year’s big gala dinner for our Club, one of the gifts they received was a pair of matching jackets, embroidered with “Spirited Ambassadors 50 Years."

Dee was NAMGAR Treasurer for several years. At the local level, they both have held countless positions and been involved with our San Diego British Car Club Council which annually puts on a British Car Day meet and a Rolling British Car Day. As chair of that group for 20 years, I can tell you that when something needs to be done, I can always count on Wayne and Dee.

Starting at the Indianapolis “Big 5” meet in 1996, the Johnsons began handing out their “Real MGs Have Four Doors” pins. They designed and paid for these, and continue to distribute them, always with a smile and a hug. To those of us who admire, collect, and restore four door MGs, these pins have become real collector’s items and a source of great pride

However, the Johnsons are not single-minded. They are constantly telling our Club members about the benefits of joining NAMGAR, and of participating in national and regional GTs. Their enthusiasm knows no limits. They are truly AMBASSADORS for the MG marque and NAMGAR.

When a prospective, new member comes to a Club meeting or event, it is absolutely guaranteed that Wayne will be the first one to stop what he is doing, walk over, introduce himself, start a conversation with this person, and chances are, sign him up for membership!

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Last updated on April 21, 2015.