The Victoria MG Club Recognizes Neil Fawdry with the Renkenberger Spirit Award

Photo for The Victoria MG Club Recognizes Neil Fawdry with the Renkenberger Spirit Award

The Victoria MG Club (NAMGAR's newest Chapter) is pleased to announce that Neil Fawdry has been awarded the Renkenberger Spirit Award.

Neil joined the Club in August 1986 after seeing a close friend slalom on the Sears parking lot in the spring of 1986. Shortly thereafter, he bought a 1973 MGB and began participating in slalom events.

After starting restoration work on the MGB in the late 1990’s, he heard about an MGA stored in a barn near Victoria, BC. It was a 1962 MGA Mark ll that was in need of a lot of work. Neil eagerly took on the challenge. By 2005, he had completed the restoration and since then he has won numerous awards. These include: “Best in Show” at the British Car Rally at Mt. Washington, “Third Place” at the NAMGAR GT at Whistler in 2007, “Second Place” in the Judged Class at the Filberg Car Show in August 2009, Comox, and numerous awards at various Club events in Victoria. Since Neil completed the restoration of his MGA, it has become his car of choice for all events.

Over the years, Neil has worked hard on behalf of the Club. He was an enthusiastic participant in touring events to Lake Tahoe and Kamloops as well as Club camping trips. He was responsible for initiating the Club’s participation in the Oak Bay Tea Party Parade every June. More recently, he has joined in many “Over the Malahat Runs” and the Club “brunch” run to Port Renfrew. He has shown his car at the Cowichan/Mill Bay Car Show and is always attends the All British Car Event in Beacon Hill Park for Father’s Day. For the 30th Anniversary of the Club, he hosted a BBQ for the membership and served fresh salmon which he had caught.

Fawdry'sNeil has served on the Executive as President in 1996 and 1997 and more recently in 2012. Neil is well liked by the membership. He is always willing to help others solve their car problems and encourages others to enjoy and drive their cars. He has a great sense of humour and can laugh at himself about car situations. While he still owns the MGB, he can most often be seen in the MGA cruising along our winding roads with the top down.

Neil has been outstanding as an enthusiastic member of the Victoria MG Club, promoting the MG marque while encouraging friendship and fellowship among the membership.

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Last updated on May 16, 2013.