The Skomps Receive the Renkenberger Spirit Award

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In our Key West British Car Club, two members who have demonstrated this and indeed, whose very enthusiasm led to the formation of the KWBCC, are Fred and Cindy Skomp.

Fred and Cindy first became active when then-NAMGAR Vice Chairman George Merryweather decided to see, “how low you can go?” and organized the first NAMGAR-sponsored Regional GT in Key West, Florida. As George recounted in the July/ August 2005 issue of MGA!, “out of nowhere came our hero, Fred Skomp. Fred stepped up and basically made the event the success that it was.”

In the years since that first Key West Regional in 2005, Fred and Cindy have continued to step up and have been instrumental in the success and popularity of the Regional, now in its eighth year and organized by KWBCC members. As Key West residents, Fred and Cindy have used their friendships with everyone from shopkeepers to “those in high places” to have our MGAs welcomed by the Key West community and opened opportunities to explore, enjoy, and participate in the flavors of Key West that provide a unique experience for those attending our week-long “annual meeting.”

Fred has served as Chapter Admiral and Cindy as Chapter Chancellor of the Exchequer since the formation of the KWBBC in 2010. They have both also served as airport taxi drivers, barbeque grill cooks, beverage runners, and of course, as gracious hosts for those of us that consider Key West our home away from home. Simply put, Fred and Cindy have been Key (ouch, sorry!) participants in the success of the KWBCC and to the NAMGAR Regional events held there.

Vice Admiral Jim Ferguson announced the nomination of Fred and Cindy during our business meeting, and we were honored to have NAMGAR Chairman Bruce Woodson available to present the Spirit Award to Fred and Cindy on behalf of NAMGAR and the Key West British Car Club.

Fred responded, “Our reaction is one of surprise to be recognized for something we enjoy doing. We get to see some of the neatest people on earth every year in our little town. We are humbled and thankful for the honor.” When George Merryweather asked, "How low can you go?" Fred and Cindy answered by soaring above all expectations.

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Last updated on July 23, 2012.