NAMGAR Loses a Great Friend

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The MG community lost a great friend on March 28th when Don Haynam passed away at his Indianapolis home after a lengthy Illness. Most of us remember Don as a quietly enthusiastic presence at MG meets and British Car shows throughout the Midwest and points east.

Originally from Ohio, where he graduated from Minerva High School, Don spent close to 30 years as a salesman for TRW servicing the airline industry. MGs weren’t Don’s only outside interests. An avid skydiver, he was a member of the US Parachute association and made close to 2000 jumps ― and some people think owning two MGs is crazy! Don was also a private pilot and logged most of his flight hours with his local jump club.

Don Haynam

Anyone who ever saw Don behind the wheel of his TD or MGA Twin Cam knows how much he loved driving them. But they might not know that he personally restored both cars. After acquiring the TD in 1983, he embarked on a comprehensive restoration, personally taking on the metalwork and mechanical rebuild, although he did need to send out for machine work and paint. After 11 years with the TD, Don came across a somewhat rough MGA Twin Cam Roadster. Attracted by the rarity of the model, he once again dove into a full restoration. And again, he took on most of the work himself, including the rebuild of the somewhat sensitive Twin Cam engine. When it was complete after a whirlwind 9 ½ month restoration, the lovely Orient Red roadster was ready for touring and show. Not content with restoring his own cars, following the Twin Cam restoration, he also rebuilt a Triumph TR6 for a local friend.

Sadly, several years ago Don took the decision to sell the Twin Cam as his health worsened. He remained in contact with many members of the Twin Cam community up until shortly before his death.

Don is survived by wife Norma, to whom he was married for 54 years, son Steven, daughters Susan and Sharon, two sisters, six grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Everyone who encountered Don through MGs will remember him as a kind and cheerful enthusiast who was always happy to talk MGs and remained positive regardless of his health.

Memories of Don from NAMGAR Members

Note from the NAMGAR Internet Coordinators: If you would like to share your memories and photos of Don, please email them to the NAMGAR Internet Coordinators for posting on this page.

Don & Diane Mazurek"I am so sorry to hear of Don’s passing. He was a true gentleman. At GT-33 I was honored to win a ride with Don in his Twin Cam. He made sure that I was securely fastened in the passenger’s seat before he took off on the most exciting ride I’ve ever experienced (OK, except for Space Mountain). He took all the turns at a fast clip, but he knew his car so well that I was never scared… maybe a little. He made sure that I was safe after each turn and could actually gauge my imminent reaction to the turns and speed of his Twinkie. I enjoyed a special interlude with him and later thanked him for his care and respect for my comfort. He will be missed by many. Diane Mazurek

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Last updated on April 5, 2013.