Mid-Atlantic Chapter Recognizes Bill Marshall with the Renkenberger Spirit Award

Photo for Mid-Atlantic Chapter Recognizes Bill Marshall with the Renkenberger Spirit Award

The Renkenberger Spirit Award was created by NAMGAR so local Chapters could recognize those members whose service to their Chapter embodies the spirit of NAMGAR co-founding members, Len and Ruth Renkenberger, in promoting the use and enjoyment of the MGA at the local club level.

Len and Ruth were instrumental in encouraging and assisting many of the early NAMGAR Chapters during the formative years of NAMGAR – including the Mid-Atlantic Chapter. With Chapters eligible every three years to present the Award, this year the Mid-Atlantic Chapter chose to recognize Bill Marshall for his commitment to the Chapter and fellow NAMGAR members.

As Chairman, Bill's sustained efforts have revitalized participation and interest in the Mid-Atlantic Chapter and have encouraged Chapter members to take a renewed interest in national and regional NAMGAR events. Bill is the embodiment of the NAMGAR slogan, “It is the cars that get you here, but it is the people that bring you back.” Kathy Kallapos personally had no experience with the Mid-Atlantic Chapter prior to Bill and Karen joining the club. "Multiple long-time Chapter members have told me Bill breathed new life into a club that had become somewhat complacent as many mature clubs do. Bill is outgoing, fun-loving, mischievous, approachable, and very hard working – often working behind the scenes to provide a push or tug when and if needed. He creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and encouraging to new members – often loaning a spare MG to a new member without a working MG". Ruth stated in her letter of support that she and Len felt that Bill’s contributions to the Chapter and the national group should be recognized. Much of this is achieved by the contagious enthusiasm Bill brings to the club and therefore we feel this makes him deserving of the Renkenberger Spirit Award.

Marshall-RenkenbergerThe Renkenbergers & Marshalls on the R2R for GT36 in 2011.

In accepting the award, Bill stated, “First, I would like to thank Kathy for her kind words. I heard a few in there that perhaps were true. I am indeed humbled and honored by the club’s support. I accept this Award on behalf of my fellow Mid-Atlantic Chapter members, without whose participation and equal dedication to the club, none of our accomplishments would have been possible. I note with greater satisfaction a number of members were nominated for this award – showing the depth of service among our club members.

"I would also like to mention Len and Ruth for the foundation they provided for both NAMGAR and Chapters such as ours – and I am pleased the Renks and fellow NAMGAR co-founding members John and Linda Wright continue to call the Mid-Atlantic Chapter home.”

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Last updated on January 21, 2013.