MG Car Club Northwest Centre Recognizes Lee Orphan with Renkenberger Spirit Award

Photo for MG Car Club Northwest Centre Recognizes Lee Orphan with Renkenberger Spirit Award

Lee Orphan is MG!

If the spirit of MG were to be present in human form, it would be Lee Orphan. Lee is a teacher, putting in all the hours that entails, yet always finds extra time to give to our club. He organizes several scheduled drives every year and has been known to call up an impromptu drive just because there was nothing else on our club calendar for a particular day or night. Last year he led a group of us into the mountains just so we could watch the meteor shower without the effects of ambient light. What a wonderful night! We were all laughing like a bunch of teenagers. Many of the events that Lee organizes are to benefit various charities. Helping those less fortunate is something Lee is very passionate about.

Lee is always one of the first club members called upon by others for assistance when working on their cars. If Lee is available, he will be there, not only offering advice, but also digging right in, getting greasy, and helping to fix the problem. His wonderful sense of humor makes any chore seem almost fun.

The MG Car Club Northwest Centre is truly blessed to have Lee as one of our members. He has enriched all of us with his positive, can-do approach to life and his love for everything MG. Lee is a very unassuming man. He likes to work quietly in the background, never seeking recognition for anything he does. Everyone in our club realizes how fortunate we are to have Lee, but we feel that it is time for the rest of the MGA community to recognize this one man who so completely embodies the spirit of MG.

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Reader Comments (1)

Picture of Lee Orphan
Lee Orphan (London, ON)
on November 19, 2016 3:16pm
so that's weird, I thought I was the only Lee Orphan in the world.... my car hobby includes keeping my BMW Z4 going, and my Audi TT, along with the assorted cars that keep my family on the road

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