MG2011 - Some Facts and NAMGAR Class Results

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The All-MG Event in Reno, Nevada, organized by the MG Council of Registers, with local coordination by the Reno British Car Club, attracted 612 cars to the car show. The four-day event included a reception in the National Automobile Museum, Register night dinners, NAMGAR’s First Timers Reception, Magnette Group breakfast, a drive to Lake Tahoe for a barbeque lunch, and the Awards Banquet.

At the car show 195 NAMGAR members displayed their 81 cars in 10 NAMGAR classes. Details of class winners can be viewed here. Long distance awards for 1000 to over 4000 miles driven to the event were also presented by NAMGAR.

As a build-up to the event, NAMGAR members Bruce Woodson and Dave McCann, assisted by Mike Jacobson, organized the Rally to Reno. This started in Ocean Springs, MD and around 100 cars drove to San Francisco along Route 50, via Reno.

During the event NAMGAR Chapter Coordinators, Lee and Liz Niner, hosted a meeting for Chapter Club representatives. Major points discussed at the meeting can be seen here in the latest Chapter Coordinators’ Newsletter.

An aerial photograph of the cars on the car show field can be previewed and ordered through BGA Studios or tel: (570) 460-6370.

The NAMGAR Mac Spears Award for 2011 was given to Barney Gaylord for his contribution to the world of MGAs through the MGAGuru web site (story and photo to follow).

At the NAMGAR Register dinner, Gene de Ruelle presented a Renkenberger Award to recognize longtime Reno British Car club member, Jim Phelps, whose MG Magnette ZB was on display at the dinner.

The first annual GT Attendance prize for the two free NAMGAR memberships went to the Columbia Gorge MGA Club. There were 47 CCMGAC members at GT36/MG2011.

Photo credits:  George Merryweather and Donna Austin

Class 301 - MGA 15001st Place 1500


Class 302 - MGA 16001st Place 1600







Class 303 - MGA 1600 MkII1st Place 1600 Mk II

Class 304 - MGA Deluxe1st Place MGA Deluxe







Class 305 - MGA Twin Cam1st Place Twin Cam

Class 306 - MGA Coupe 1st Place Coupe










Class 307 - Altered A1st Place Altered A

Class 308 - MG Magnette1st Place Magnette


Class 309 - Variant of MGA1st Place Variant of MGA

Class 311 - Premier1st Place Premier




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Reader Comments (2)

Picture of Fred J. Emig
Fred J. Emig (Midlothian, VA)
on October 17, 2011 1:48pm
It sure would be a great build to include information about the owner as well as the year, and where appropriate, specifics about the car.
Picture of NAMGAR Internet Coordinators
NAMGAR Internet Coordinators
on October 17, 2011 3:18pm
Fred - please click on the link in this article (second paragraph) which will take you to a pdf document which provides more information on each of the class winners

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Last updated on August 4, 2011.