GT-44 Dubuque IA - 10-14 July 2019:  Class Winners and Social Media Coordinator Musings

by Dennis Urick, NAMGAR Social Media Coordinator

If the old saying, ‘Getting there is half the fun.”  Once you got to Dubuque the other half of the good times weren’t hard to find!  Dick Wallrich and Scott Dougherty and the folks at GT-44 were ready for us and had a great time planned.  There were self-guided tours to The National Brewery Museum located within the historical Potosi Brewing Company building that originally operated from 1852 to 1972. Not a beer guy? No problem, how about a tour of the movie set, “Field of Dreams”? They built it and we came!  Not a movie guy? No problem, how about The Fenelon Place elevator? It’s described as the world’s shortest, steepest scenic railway, 296 feet in length, elevating passengers 189 feet from Fourth Street to Fenelon Place. From the top you will see a magnificent view of the historic Dubuque business district, the Mississippi River and three states.

Afraid of heights? Ok, how about a parade to Historic Galena Illinois for shopping and dinner…No, well we are a car group after all so how about a BBQ dinner with guest speaker David Hobbs!  David is a British former F1 driver and was a commentator for the Speed Channel; he currently works as a commentator for NBC and NBC Sports Network. In 1969 Hobbs was included in the FIA list of graded drivers, a group of 27 drivers who by their achievements were rated the best in the world. Throw all of this in with Tech sessions by John Twist and “Call it MGA” author Piers Hubbard and you had one full event! Rumor has it the Central Virginia British Car Club guys even drove down to LeClair Iowa and visited Antique Archology, you might know them better if you ever watched the History Channels TV show, “American Pickers”.

It seems like I’m forgetting something…..oh!  How about the National MGA Car Show!  The show was beside the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque and was visited all threw out the week by MGers. The GT was closed out by a wonderful banquet where the show winners were announced and The Mac Spears award was presented to Bruce and Carol Woodson. The week was a blur, the Minnesota MG Vintage Racers (MMGVR) sure worked hard to put on a great event and NAMGAR thanks them for a job well done. For this writer the 1100 mile trip home was just as much fun as the rest of the week, Great times with great friends and I can’t wait for Colorado Springs already!

RESULTS - Class Winners

A-MGA 1500 Roadster (WW): John & Laura Cassey, Jeffersonton, VA, Orient Red MG A 1958 Roadster

B-MGA 1500 Roadster (NWW): Bill & Karen Marshall, Manassas, VA, Olde English White 1957 MG A 1500 Roadster

C-MGA 1600 Roadster (WW): Greg & Mary Poffenbarger, Azle, TX, Dove Grey 1960 MG A 1600 Roadster

D-MGA 1600 Roadster (NWW): Tom Fant & Lynne Combs, Pinckney, MI, Iris Blue 1960 MG A 1600 Roadster

E-MGA 1600 Mk II: Ken & Kathy Geljack, Bristol, IN, Black 1961 MG A Mark II

F-Magnette (ZA, ZB, Farina, Mk III/IV): Mike & Sandy Hickman, Southgate, KY, Silver/Black 1958 MG Magnette ZBV

G-MGA Coupe: Jim Cheatham, Amelia Court House, VA, Mineral Blue 1957 MG A Coupe

H-MGA Twin Cam: Randy Smith , inghamton, NY, Black 1960 MG A Twin Cam 1600 Roadster

I-MGA Deluxe: Tucker & Lynne Madawick, Bloomington, IN, 1962 MG A Deluxe 1622 Mk II

K-NAMGAR Altered: Dallas Allison, Kansas City, MO, Atomic Silver 1960 MG A 1600 Roadster

M-MGB: Laura & Alan Magnuson, Centennial, CO, Black Tulip 1973 MG B Roadster

N-Race Car: Kent M. Prather, Wakarusa, KS, White 1962 MG A 1622 Roadster

O-Other British: Lew Palmer, St. Mary's Point, MN, Burgundy/Champagne 1936 MG PA Airline Coupe

P-NAMGAR Premier: Ryan & Leeann Looft, Wilmington, OH, Steel Blue 1958 MG Magnette ZB 4 Door

Q-NAMGAR Longest-Distance:  Dee & Wayne Johnson, San Diego, CA, 1959 Magnette Mark 3 - 2069 miles, a total of 4401 miles for the entire event!

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Reader Comments (3)

Picture of Dee Johnso
Dee Johnso (San Diego)
on August 3, 2019 12:39pm
How about a picture of the 60 year old Magnette that won long distance?
Picture of NAMGAR Internet Coordinators
NAMGAR Internet Coordinators
on August 11, 2019 4:27pm
Sounds like a great idea! We'll get it up there soon, gathering details.

Picture of NAMGAR Internet Coordinators
NAMGAR Internet Coordinators
on August 11, 2019 4:35pm
Sounds like a great idea! We'll get it up there soon, gathering details.


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