Central Virginia British Car Club Nominates Carol Woodson for Renkenberger Spirit Award

Photo for Central Virginia British Car Club Nominates Carol Woodson for Renkenberger Spirit Award

Very few people who are British Car enthusiasts can say that they have seen almost every British Car produced at some point in their life. While even fewer can actually say, with all honesty, that they actually grew up around all of these wonderful cars since they were born. Well, we in the Central Virginia British Car Club actually have someone who can say, with certainty; both of those statements are true. That person is our current club Secretary, Carol Woodson.

Carol, who has served as our club secretary since January of 1997, has loved British sports cars since she was very young. Carol’s father, Wally Groom, worked on many of the British cars in the Richmond area from the day they were new when he was at Bradley Sports Car Center, the MG, Jaguar, and Austin Healey dealership for the area.

Growing up around all of these great cars, Carol got the opportunity to be close to, and ride around in these cars from a very early age. She even purchased a 1980 MGB LE as her first car around 1982, a car that she still owns today.

In the years since Carol joined the Central Virginia British Car Club, which was the fall of 1994, she has been one of the core group of club members who always has a great “can do” attitude. She always makes sure that the club has some incredibly stylish regalia pieces for members to don, and always makes sure that new club members have a fresh new permanent name tag when they come to meetings. If the club ever has a display at a special event in the area, you can always count on the fact that there will be a fresh flower arrangement or some other form of nice centerpiece that Carol has brought along to give things a nice “Finishing Touch.” Also, when it comes time for our annual Classics on the Green Automobile Festival, we can always count on Carol taking the bull by the horns and stepping up to take on the task of spearheading the registration process so those car owners coming to the show can always count on her smiling face being one of those who greets them when they drive up.

Above all else, Carol’s continued efforts and willingness to serve as our club secretary for over fifteen years is truly the icing on an already sweet cake; especially when you find out that she juggles all of this while also being the secretary of her favorite national bird club, being the store manager of a very busy NAPA Auto Parts store, and running animal rescue runs all up and down the east coast. How Carol fits it all in, I do not know, but she certainly embodies the spirit of the Renkenberger Award and I am honored to nominate her. •

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Last updated on March 14, 2013.