Announcing the Recipient of the 2013 Mac Spears Award

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The Mac Spears Founder's Award was inaugurated in 1994 to recognize persons who have made, or continue to make, a significant contribution to the MG community, especially as it pertains to MGAs. The Board, through the columns in MGA! magazine, asks for nominations of deserving persons of this award. The award is not necessarily given every year, nor do the recipients have to be a member of NAMGAR.

Former NAMGAR Historian, Bob Vitrikas, once wrote a list of anecdotes of Mac’s traits, as shown below in italics. This year's Mac Spears Award recipients have striking similarities to those same traits, and as you read through the list, you will soon discover who these deserving people are!

Mac loved to be around MGA enthusiasts. The first time you met him, you felt as though you had been friends for life, and you would be.

Our 2013 Mac Spears Award recipients also fit into this category.

Mac was very relaxed and easy going. He was one of the friendliest people you'd ever meet. His warm, outgoing personality and southern drawl would pull you into a conversation and hold you there for as long as your beer or bladder could hold out.

While not really considered a southern drawl, this Midwest couple has certainly carried the conversation long after the beer was gone and bladders were being challenged.

Mac loved cars of all types, but especially MGs. He owned all sorts of MGs, but the MGA was his favorite.

In addition to the MGA driven to GT-38, there is an MGB, a Midget, an E-Type Jaguar, and even an old station wagon that share this couples driveway. But, like Mac Spears, the MGA seems to be their favorite.

Mac's MGs were anything but concours original. They were what he liked, not what the Parts Manual dictated.

While this couple’s MGA is a beautiful car today, it was not always the case. However, a “less than perfect condition MGA” never prevented them from using the car with pride!

Mac loved to drive his MGAs. He loved to take his MGA on trips, too.

I think you will find that this year’s winners have been known to drive their MGs more than a mile or two to get to a GT. They have done "whatever it takes" to drive their MkII to the last 23 consecutive NAMGAR GT's throughout the United States and Canada, many-a-time, nonstop!

Mac loved to work on his MGAs, taking pride in keeping them running, and when they didn't, figuring out why and fixing them.

Hardly a GT has passed, that I haven’t seen the husband under the hood of their MGA, or happily helping someone else with theirs. And during the 23 treks across the country in their 51 year old car, they have faced numerous breakdowns, mishaps and unforeseeable adventures...but they have always met these challenges "head on" and driven into the parking lot of the GT smiling.

Mac was a family man, whose wife Billie and their three daughters shared Mac's love for MGs.

Mac Spears 2014

Many of you know that this couple has raised a beautiful daughter to become a true MG enthusiast as well. Joanna has attended a number of GT’s, and even assisted in GT-37 alongside of her parents, who chaired the GT, and did so in grand fashion.

NAMGAR is proud to recognize Dave & Lois Gribler as recipients of the 2013 Mac Spears Award! Congratulations.

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Reader Comments (1)

Picture of Mark Ackley
Mark Ackley (Murrieta, California)
on December 19, 2013 7:25am
I owned this car in 1969-1972 and found it a few years ago through the registry. David and his family have been in touch ever since. It's nice to see how one of your own "Children" turned out. My congratulations to Dave and his family for this award!

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Last updated on August 10, 2013.