A New 5-Speed Gearbox for MGA Coming Soon

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Vitesse Global Ltd, of Hinckley in Leicestershire, England, have told namgar.com that they are working on a 5-speed kit for the MGA. This will use the latest MAZDA MX-5 transmission.

Vitesse already have a kit for the MGB engine, which sells for £1,995 (approx. US$3,000), plus shipping costs. The kit comes complete with a new MX-5 gearbox, bell housing, front plate, clutch plate, shift lever, slave cylinder with piping, prop shaft, spigot bush, speedo cable, and gearbox mount. The case has been modified to accept the MAZDA mechanical speedo drive. No cutting or welding is required to install this.

The gear ratios are:

  • 1 – 3.136
  • 2 – 1.888
  • 3 – 1.33
  • 4 – 1.0
  • 5 – 0.814

These are very similar ratios to those in the MGB overdrive and the FORD T9 gearboxes. With a 3.9 rear diff, this will give the MGB with 14” wheels a speed of 60 mph at under 3,000rpm.

The MGA kit is currently being developed, and should be available soon.

Vitesse Global Ltd  was formed in 2012. They supply MORGAN with the rolling chassis for the 3-wheeler, and gearboxes for the Plus4 models.

Mazda Gearbox

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Reader Comments (3)

Picture of Tom Pollak
Tom Pollak (Binghamton, NY)
on October 18, 2015 11:19pm
Great idea as long as the gear shift lever is in the same position and configuration as the MGA
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on October 23, 2015 12:43pm
The gear lever position is one aspect of the MGA kit that the developers are working on.
Picture of Gilbert Clark DuPre, Jr
Gilbert Clark DuPre, Jr (Chattanooga, TN)
on December 7, 2015 8:28am
Waiting on it!!!!!

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Last updated on October 17, 2015.