2013 South Western Ontario Hoser Ehs Renkenberger Spirit Award Announced

Photo for 2013 South Western Ontario Hoser Ehs Renkenberger Spirit Award Announced

The South Western Ontario Hosers Ehs would like to nominate Mike Hosier and Nancy Payne as the 2013 Hosers Ehs Renkenberger Spirit Award recipients. Mike and Nancy are all that embody great car club members, NAMGAR members, and MGA owners.

They have been actively involved in the Ontario Hoser Eh Car Club since becoming members in 1999. Mike, with Nancy’s help, immediately became involved in the running of the Club, accepting roles as Activities Director, Vice-President, President, and once again continues to remain active as the Activities Director.

Since joining, Mike and Nancy have always had a presence in our club. They have been quick to offer any help they can, by offering up their home to those travelling, a helping hand to any job that a member may have, and when they recognize a large gap in club activities, they try to organize something to gather the members together. They have traveled hours to attend a small six-person event just because they said that they would be there. Mike is a great ambassador for all things MGA, lovingly maintaining his lifelong affection for MGs and driving a nicely presented MGA. They have continually tried new ideas with the hope of keeping the club members active and involved, be it having a breakfast run, organizing a photo shoot for a club calendar, or setting up an excursion to a local beach for dinner.

They have dealt with keeping members in contact with each other as times change. The Club has evolved from one that got together on a regular basis to plan trips, weekend excursions, and a distributed printed newsletter to one that has taken on more relaxed, intimate group settings. Mike and Nancy have been instrumental in getting the Hosers together for our annual Christmas Dinner as well as Spring Brunch. Emails now seem to be the best way to communicate amongst members and they are always doing their utmost to keep everyone “in the loop” to advise members of events that they may wish to participate in with other Hosers. This seems to work well for our club and if it wasn’t for their perseverance, communications amongst our membership would simply dwindle. They have managed to continually give us reasons to keep the Club active, often making us realize that it’s great to see Club members in person as we all have so much in common.

Mike and Nancy are the glue that keeps us together. They modestly redirect compliments that flow their way to other Club members often not taking credit for the outstanding job they do in keeping our Club together. Mike and Nancy, step up, you deserve to be recognized as we all appreciate everything that you have done for us.

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Last updated on May 28, 2013.