2012 Mac Spears Award

Photo for 2012 Mac Spears Award

The Mac Spears Award is named for the North American MGA Register’s founder and first Chairman. The award was established in 1994 to recognize people who make a significant contribution to the MG community, especially as it pertains to MGAs and Magnettes

Many previous recipients of this prestigious award have been highly visible in the MG community. And, while the recipient of this year’s Mac Spears award is equally deserved, his contributions may best be described as, “behind the scenes.”

His contributions to the MG community began with and still continue in his local club and have been significant, from Webmaster to Chapter Contact for the North American MGA Register.

From the inception of his membership with NAMGAR in 1984, this person quickly made an impression on the Board of Directors, and was selected to become Registrar in 1990. During his four-year tenure, most of his contributions took place behind the scenes.

By definition, NAMGAR is a Register. As such, one of the primary goals is to collect information on surviving MGAs, Magnettes, and their variants. Going back to 1975, NAMGAR had collected quite a bit of information. But it was all in boxes and file cabinets. By 1994, there was a definite need to electronically maintain an accurate database. However, there was no program that suited the needs of NAMGAR at the time. Our Registrar used his professional talents as a computer programmer to design and build the first completely automated program to run the Registrar’s daily activities.

In 2008, he completely rewrote the program with many modifications to allow NAMGAR to remain at the forefront of MG clubs. Again, in 2011, this now retired registrar, to bring our database into the modern age of computers, rewrote the program. As a result of his contributions, NAMGAR has leapt ahead in its process of tracking members and their cars, and allowing members to check their information on the website. His work also led to our being able to accept online membership applications and renewals.

It is with great pleasure that the NAMGAR Board of Directors announces Mr. Bill Gallihugh as the recipient of the 2012 Mac Spears Award!

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Last updated on October 26, 2012.