New Supplier of Grilles for MGA

Photo for New Supplier of Grilles for MGA

Cecelia Bruce of Scarborough Faire in Rhode Island, announced a new MGA grille at GT-41 in Louisville in June 2016. They produced this new grille using the original 1955 factory blueprints, and new press tooling, after several years of research and development.


New MGA Grille

The new grille has stainless steel slats assembled into a chrome on brass shell. The stainless steel slats are protected during shipment by an easily removable blue mylar film. The grilles come with a chrome on brass nose, a new MG badge (packed separately in the box), mounting hardware, and 64" of the silver grille piping. This can be cut to length depending on your preference - fully around all 4 sides, or stopped short at the lower mounting carriage bolts as originally fitted by the factory. The stainless steel slats have the correct profile and spacing, something other repro grilles fail to achieve.

New MGA Grille

Above photos are by NAMGAR member, Mark McCarraher, showing the new Scarborough Faire grille recently installed on his car.

Scarborough Faire’s first production run is 500 units, of which over 100 have already been sold. A further shipment of these grilles is expected into Scarborough Faire in April. They are competitively priced with additional discounts applicable as per usual Scarborough Faire terms. Contact Cecelia at Scarborough Faire for current pricing and more information.

New MGA Grille

A shorter slat assembly for Mk II MGAs is being considered for manufacture in the future.

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Reader Comments (2)

Picture of Dominique M Metreaud
Dominique M Metreaud (Maine)
on February 17, 2017 1:08pm
Sheer perfection

Just installed my new grill. I couldn't be happier. Even the packaging was classey.

Special Thanks to Cecelia... and Carol
Picture of Scott M. Horton
Scott M. Horton (Caroga Lake, NY)
on June 8, 2019 3:20am
I just purchased a 1961 MGA red roadster. It is in beautiful condition with 7,600 miles, that may be original. I am not a collector, I just want to have a dependable driver to use occasionally on nice weekends on upstate New York roads.
The original owner has passed. Hard to verify mileage, but there is no dirt, no rust, leather seats in perfect condition, no tape lines in the paint.
I am no where near an expert in this stuff.
Am I foolish to just drive this car, or should it be in a collection?
I would like to change a few things like the exhaust, maybe chrome up the engine, rechrome the grill, add a new radiator.
Any advise?

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Last updated on February 17, 2017.