Damaged Car Back on the Road

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As many of you already know, I had an unexpected and unfortunate meeting with a big dog in Arkansas on the Ocean-2-Ocean trip to GT-42 in Solvang.

When attending the banquet Thursday evening I ran into Cecelia Bruce. She introduced me to a friend of hers from high school. After introducing me, she said "and he owns the dog car". THE DOG CAR, my car will forever be known as the dog car.

I don't really care what my car is called. My real reason for this note is to answer a question that people asked me when they saw the car. "How is your insurance company handling the claim?" I have had Hagerty insurance for about fifteen years, and never had a claim. Well I thought all went well. They sent an independent insurance adjuster to my home to make the estimate. His first question was "who are you going to get to fix the car"? My answer was "me". A week later I received the estimate, and another week later I received the check from Hagerty.

"The Dog Car" is ready for another cross country trip.

Editor's Note: As reported in eNews! earlier this year, George was the recipient of a brand new MGA grill at the GT-42 banquet, through the generous gift from Brian Woodhams. Brian, a visitor from the MG Car Club in England, had just won the grill as a banquet door prize. The grill was donated by Scarborough Faire to the GT organizers. Good Carma indeed!

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Picture of Michael Tooke
Michael Tooke (Santa Paula, CA)
on December 17, 2017 12:32am
"Like" as they say on Facebook.

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