MGA Chassis (VIN), Engine & Body Numbers

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This updated column is a reprint of an article that first appeared in the March/April 1991 issue of MGA! by then Registrar Bill Gallihugh, and then subsequently reprinted in MGA! an additional 3 times over the years.

Bill’s statistical data was used in the book Original MGA by Andres Clausager, and was reprinted in Safety Fast in a June 1991 article. It has also been reprinted in Dutch and appeared in an article there. This article may help to educate and inform many who have questions of the correlation between VIN Numbers, Engine Numbers and Body Numbers. 

As Registrar, I received about two questions a week regarding serial numbers: 

  • Is my engine original?
  • How can I tell if my ID plate belongs to my MGA?
  • I have only a partial chassis number, how can I determine the proper number?

All of this relates in one way or another to the relationship between the three primary serial numbers found on an MGA: the Chassis Number, Engine Number, and Body Number. (For simplicity, I shall refer to the Chassis Number as the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN.) Apparently, Abingdon did not bother to help us out by keeping track of any number other than the VIN. So how do we determine the association between the three?

It occurred to me some time ago that with over 4,200 MGAs and Variants now registered with NAMGAR, we should be able to get printouts from the NAMGAR database that would lead to some useful conclusions - or at least some generalizations. When I finally set myself to this task, it turned out to be rather more difficult than I had imagined. It took quite a number of programs to extract the data in a meaningful way, and to do the necessary calculations. Then there was a lot of pencil work to collate, plot, and categorize the information so that a few rules might be established. Following are the results of that effort. It is not necessarily intended as interesting reading, but rather as a future reference source to answer questions such as those raised above.

First a few ground rules. The best way to deal with the serial number relationships is to use the VIN as the base number, and think of the engine and body numbers as running so much higher or lower than the VIN number. For instance, if we say the engine numbers are running at -9000, we mean that for the range of numbers being investigated, the engine number will average 9000 less than the VIN. If the VIN is 55000, the engine number would be approximately 46000. To go the other direction, just reverse the sign. And speaking of ‘approximately,’ I’ll be using that word a lot. Please accept that some of the number range limits in the tables below are guesstimates.

Engine Number

A few general observations about engine numbers:

  1. Coupe engine numbers seem to run in the same range as Roadsters. In 1600s and Mk IIs, the average Coupe engine number runs about 150 below that for the average Roadster, but this could be due to a sampling error because of the limited number of Coupes registered. In any event, I won’t complicate things even more by trying to separate Coupes from Roadsters.
  2.  Mk II Deluxes do not show a significant variation in engine number sequences from the standard 1500, 1600, or Mk II.

Now for the meat of the data. First of all, it is quite obvious that there is not a strict one-for-one relationship between the VIN and the engine number. That is, the engines were not placed into the waiting chassis in numerical order according to the engine number. One might imagine a room full of engines awaiting installation, and whichever one was closest to the door got installed first. But within this chaos a general pattern exists, and the engines are, if one squints rather hard, in some kind of overall numerical order. That order is sufficient to make some generalizations based on the following analysis:

After eliminating engine numbers from apparent replacement engines, it is fairly simple to determine the average differential between the VINs and the engine numbers. (As in the example above, the average differential might be -9000.) The big question is how much deviation is there from this average difference, and how can we quantify it.

If one examines and plots these deviations from the average, a “bell curve” is established. At the apex of the curve is the average VIN/engine number differential, and the slope on either side depicts the percentage of engine numbers that are either higher or lower than the standard average. Most engine numbers fall within a range of about 400 numbers, or +/- 200 from the average differential.

If you add or subtract (as indicated) the average differential from/to the VIN, the probability of hitting the actual engine number can be represented as:

• 38% probability of being within +/- 50
• 64% probability of being within +/- 100
• 85% probability of being within +/- 200

Before listing the computed average differentials, one additional item that came to light should be discussed. In 1500s with GB engines, the differential starts at about -9900, and ends up (at VIN 61503) at about -9700. This means that over this range of 51,402 MGAs, approximately 200 engines (or at least engine numbers) did not find their way into an MGA. To allow for this, I’ve divided 1500s with GB engines into three sub groups to get a more accurate average differential.

As an example for using the table, if you have an MGA with a VIN of 94355, we can see that your engine if it is to be original be a type GA (16GA), and must be in the range of 101 to 31660. More specifically, it will most likely be approximately 25655 (94355 minus 68700).

In actual fact, this is my 1600, and the actual engine number (which I think to be original) is 25389, a difference of 266. That makes it in the 15% that falls outside the 200 range indicated above. Applying this test to my Mk II, the computed engine number is only 71 off the actual, making it in the 64% probability range.

Average Differential Between VIN # and Engine #

Average Differential

*Some factory data I've seen shows that the last GC engine was 8618. However, this is apparently wrong as we have several Mark II's registered with numbers higher than this - including the very last MGA ever produced - VIN 109070, Engine number 8846.

Body Numbers

Establishing the relationshp of body serial numbers to the VIN is far more complicated and uncertain because the method used by Abingdon to assign body numbers to Twin Cam Roadsters and all Coupe bodies made a mess of the system. Basically, what they apparently did was to periodically reserve blocks of 1000 numbers from the main sequence of 1500 and 1600 body numbers - and then assign them to the Twin Cams and Coupes. If one studies the tables below, one can see the missing body number blocks from the 1500/1600 Roadster sequences, and then find them reappearing again as Twin Cam and Coupe body number ranges.

As a result of all this, it is even more problematic to establish VIN/body number relationships that with VINs and engine numbers. You can use the Average Differentials listed in the tables below to go from VIN to body number (or visa versa), but the results are even less certain. For my 1600, with a VIN of 94355, we would subtract 66769 and end up with a predicted body number of 27586. In actual fact it is 25389. Close.....

A couple of general notes: 1) Deluxes tend to have a body number about 2000 higher than standard Mk IIs for the same VIN range; 2) the "B" prefix on some body numbers does not effect the number sequences.

VIN # and Body # - ROADSTER

VIN-Body # Roadster

VIN # and Body # - COUPE

VIN-Body # Coupe

Author’s Postscript:

In 2013, with over 8100 MGAs now registered, I reprocessed the numbers to see if I could refine the above conclusions somewhat. While I was able to get closer on some of the ranges shown (particularly for body numbers), the (apparently) haphazard manner in which MGAs were assembled means that even with the larger sample base now available, we are left with the unavoidable conclusion: Given one, or even two, of the MGA serial numbers will not lead you definitely to the third. Sorry.....

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Reader Comments (100)

Picture of Lawrence R Smith
Lawrence R Smith (Elmira, ON Canada)
on June 1, 2011 12:19pm
for registering vehicle they use the VIN number. for an MGA is the vin number only the numeric portion i.e. 10149 or do you include HDT alpha part i.e. HDT 10149? I'm in process of trying to obtain a vehicle history abstract of previous ownership for my MGA. I was told to just contact all surrounding jurisdictions as it is not registered in Ontario where I had purchased it in 1970. thx
Picture of Robert L Agar
Robert L Agar (Green Valley, AZ)
on August 6, 2011 9:52am
My 1957 1500 Coupe has the following numbers:
VIN (Serial) 26535 (HMK4326535)
Engine 16666 (BP15GB16666)
Body 32104

Based on the tables in this article, seems right. The difference between engine and VIN is 9869 which falls in the proper 9900 range
VIN/Body fall into the proper range as well. Hmmmmmmmm.

A 1957 1500 coupe in red enamel for North American export. I would be curious as to the approximate build date, etc. I believe I have all of the ownership info as I am the third owner.
Picture of David Pyle
David Pyle (Houston, TX)
on August 13, 2011 8:30am
I have checked quite a few "A's" recently. The "Vin" numbers show little consistency. Check your car's state title/registration. I believe the correct number is the complete (HDL43/54586) which is on the metal chassis # tag on the heater box (if you have one.)

I have seen the shortened version (54586) as well as engine numbers used as Vin. Those who don't know any of their car numbers worry me. It appears that officialdom doesn't know or care what identifies an antique car as long as it is consistent when the title transfers.
Picture of Robert L Agar
Robert L Agar (Green Valley, AZ)
on August 31, 2011 10:17am
The previous owner had the car registered in WA under the engine number, but AZ used the complete VIN. I am thinking of applying for the Heritage Certificate. Research to date tells me that the car was assembled in April, 1957 for US market.
Picture of Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson (Vancouver, Canada)
on March 20, 2012 10:43am
I am trying to decide what to do about the 1959 MGA 1600 Coupe that I was planning on purchasing. From translating the VIN, it is telling me that the car is a convertible and that it had a 1500cc engine! The car has a 1600 engine, the lighting of a 1600, the badging of a 1600, the spare tire that sits entirely in the trunk/boot that would indicate that it is definitely a 1600. The VIN is for a car built a good year prior to the 1600s being introduced. It would seem obvious that the VIN tag on the firewall has been switched. I have yet to find a chassis number, but I am wondering if the folks at British Heritage can provide a proper VIN if I find out what the chassis and engine numbers are? The car definitely exists, but isn't the car that the VIN describes.
Picture of David Pyle
David Pyle (Houston TX)
on March 20, 2012 11:35am

Glad to help sort that out. Suggest you tell me where the car is listed, the assumed VIN (and what is on the title), and why the owner/seller doesn't have the correct information. Sometimes during a restoration the original tag is lost or misread. My car has a new tag and the VIN was off by one digit.
Picture of Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson (Vancouver, Canada)
on March 20, 2012 12:55pm
Hi David - Thanks for your response.

The car was sold at January's Barrett-Jackson and was listed afterwards on eBay (#250991828566) but I was in process of purchasing it directly from the Seattle dealer. As you can see in one of the pics, the VIN number is on a new plate and reads HDR43/57801. From reading the Original MGA book, this would mean that the VIN on the car is for a convertible 1500, not what is clearly a 1600 Coupe. From research I have done, evidently the factory did not keep track of engine and frame numbers, so all I have is an incorrect VIN and an unknown proper VIN. The car was also sold in 2001 by Barrett-Jackson with the same incorrect VIN. My assumption is that during restoration, maybe they didn't have a VIN for the car and used one from another car that was beyond restoration.

I hope to find out what engine is in the car this afternoon, but that won't help me in importing the car into Canada with an incorrect VIN. The car is titled as a 1959 MGA 2 Door, but our auto registry/insurance check the VIN to make sure that it is correct. I have a coupe, not a convertible. Even though the car is almost blemish free, with only 2300 miles since restoration, I may have to walk away, assuming the company refunds what I have already paid.
Picture of David Pyle
David Pyle (Houston TX)
on March 20, 2012 1:27pm
Was it at Cosmopolitan Motors in Seattle? What was their price? Can we continue this by private email? Is it currently listed somewhere? My roadster is HDL 43/54586 and it is a 1958 which was light Blue now restored as black. The VIN you listed is for a 1958-59 which was originally white-"R".

I am unclear what you have or what you want and Canada complicates that. I don't think the sales history makes a difference.

Dave Pyle • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on March 20, 2012 3:42pm
The original VIN/chassis number is also stamped into the chassis on the metal strap between the tunnel and the chassis rail, in front of the passenger's seat. However, it is very difficult to see, and rusts out in old cars. Check out the exact location by going to

We live in South Surrey and have a 56 roadster and a 58 coupe, so will email you directly our phone number in case we can help you in any way. You could also speak to ICBC and/or CBSA explaining your dilema, and maybe they can advise you what you need to do. BMHIT can only give you info if they have the correct chassis number.

Good luck, Peter and Anne.
Picture of Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson (Vancouver, Canada)
on April 8, 2012 2:31pm
Hi anybody,

Having already tried without success with Speed, I am wondering if there is anyone out there that recorded the sale of a deep red 1959 MGA 1600 Coupe at the 2012 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction in January? I didn't know it at the time, but that is the car that I ended up buying (at a reduced price). If you know of anyone who did record this, or knows how I could obtain this video clip, I would be very interested in obtaining a copy for memory's sake, and also to see if there was any mention of VIN codes and matching numbers.

Many thanks, Sarah.
Picture of Fred Mohr
Fred Mohr (Signal Mt,n, Tenessee)
on November 11, 2012 3:52pm
I just bought a 1960 MGA 1600, VIN - GHNL 75114 which looks to me in good enough shape to restore back to original manufacture. I am looking to find out the original color, etc. Right now it is red. There are two red colors for that year that I found on the internet, MGA red (dark red) and a light red. How can I find out all the information to restorre it back to its original condition?

Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on November 11, 2012 8:46pm
Hi Fred,
We assume you have a roadster, not a coupe. The 1600 roadster only came in one red color - "Chariot Red". The best way to determine the original color of your car is to (a) look under the dash to see what it is painted, or (b) remove a rear light plinth and see what color it is under that.
You can also apply to BMIHT for a certificate which will tell you the original color, the color of the seats, the color of the roof, and what items were fitted to your car. It will also tell you when the car was made, and when it left the factory, with the dealer name if known. Do a search on BMIHT on this web site and it will take you to the application form for a certificate.
Welcome to the world of MGA's, and we hope that NAMGAR will be in your future.
Picture of Gilberto lopez
Gilberto lopez (Comerio Puerto Rico)
on December 5, 2012 7:50pm
I have MGA Body #B7836 and not have plate of vin number or other document. How get more information of my car .
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on December 6, 2012 4:17pm
Unfortunately the factory did not record the body numbers on MGA's. You could contact the NAMGAR Registrar on email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and give him more details on your car - previous owners, engine size, car model, etc, and he can check if your car has been previously registered with NAMGAR.
Picture of Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson (Vancouver, Canada)
on December 6, 2012 5:23pm
Looking at the Original MGA book, a chassis number (#87836) would indicate that your car was built between January 1960 and April 1960, and is an MGA 1600 Mk1. You would have to look at what you think is a "B" and assume that it is an "8", since the "B" makes no sense from the information that I have on MGAs. Your VIN should be GHDL/87836 if it is a coupe, or GHNL/87836 if your car is a roadster, assuming that your car is left hand drive.

The "G" means MG; the "H" means that it has an engine between 1400 and 1999 cc; the "D" or "N" indicates either a coupe or roadster; the "L" indicates left hand drive; then the "/" and the number that is also the chassis number. I am assuming that you found the chassis number on the cross rail below where your knees would be if you were sitting in the right hand seat? Unless you have more prior history on the car, this would be the best information that I am aware of. I hope that this helps you. Sarah
Picture of Bruce Schoendorf
Bruce Schoendorf (Sugar Land, TX)
on March 11, 2013 1:45pm
Just took delivery of a 1960 A that unfortunately has the engine
# 15N H 149751. Does anyone have an idea what car this was originally from?
Picture of Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson (Vancouver, Canada)
on March 11, 2013 4:40pm
Does the engine block have any numbers cast in the block sticking out on the front side of the engine on what would be the left side of the car? If the engine is from an MGA, then it would have 1500, 1600 or 1622 that is easily seen. I know from experience that if you were to obtain a Heritage certificate for your car, it wouldn't tell you what the engine number would be since MG did not record that information at the factory, so I guess you can't prove that you have a matching numbers MGA, only that the engine number is in the general range that it is supposed to be!
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on March 13, 2013 10:58am
Hi Bruce,
Sarah's comment is not quite true - the 1622 engine would also have a 1600 cast in it. However, the cast in number does not help to identify where the engine was installed originally - it could be from a Nash Metropolitan, for example, or could be from a CKD car from Austarlia or South Africa, for example.
Your number, 15NH, we are not familiar with, but if you put your enquiry on the MGA Forum on the MG Experience web site you will get an answer, as there are participants out there that have access to these numbers.
Hope this works for you.
Picture of Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson (Vancouver, Canada)
on March 13, 2013 1:11pm
Just because the engine block has one of those 3 numbers on it doesn't mean that it is from an MGA, but at least it would tell you the cubic capacity of the engine, not that a 1600 engine is actually 1600cc but rather 1588cc!

I dispute what Peter is stating. A 1622 engine should have 1622 cast on it. My own MGA Coupe has a 1622 engine and that is what is cast on the block (see page 57 of the Original MGA book). I have found no info about 1622 engines having 1600 cast in the block, but I suppose some 1588 castings could have been overbored to 1622cc. Regardless, it is important to know what sized engine one has if you are trying to purchase parts for it.
Picture of Dave Kenyon
Dave Kenyon (United Kingdom)
on April 30, 2013 1:00pm

I have an MGA 1600 with the following details on the chassis plate:

Could anybody help me decipher this? Would love to know the original colour.

Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on May 1, 2013 6:12pm
Hi Dave,
The number you give is probably the engine number. This indicates it is a 1600cc or a 1622cc engine. However, MGA engines have the numbers 16GA or 16GC (16GB for a twin cam), so 16GNV is a different engine.
Do you have a chassis number on your plate - it would be 68851 to 109070 and would have letter prefixes GHN or GHD?
Can you give us more information on your car - what year is it, which tail lights does it have - single or double lens, or horizontal?
You can get the original colour , date of manufacture, and other details by ordering a certificate from British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. Or look under the dash, or under a tail light plinth where it may not have been repainted.
More information on chassis and engine numbers can be found on
Picture of Dave Kenyon
Dave Kenyon (United Kingdom)
on May 6, 2013 6:19am
Hi Peter

I've replied with photos to '' - couldn't find a way to upload photos on here.

The text is as follows:

Hi Peter / Anne

Thanks for your reply on the NAMGAR site. I’ve attached some photos. The ‘chassis’ plate is under the bonnet and the ‘wheelarch’ photo is from under the right rear wheel. It looks to me like the wheelarch number is suspiciously fresh.

This is my first MGA and it didn’t come with a lot in the way of history. I know it was originally LHD and was converted to RHD in Ireland. I was told that it has an 1800 MGB engine and gearbox with overdrive. It has 1600 badges on the bonnet and boot which, from what I can gather, doesn’t tie in with me being told it was built in 1955!

What details do I need to send for the heritage certificate?

Thanks for all the help.
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on May 6, 2013 11:28am
We have seen the three photos that you sent to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and frankly you have a some unusual details. The tail lights are for a 1500 model. The number stamped on the rear chassis rail is not original. Obviously this was added by a previous owner, perhaps to be an identifier in the likelyhood of theft of the vehicle.
There is a chassis number stamped on the frame - inside the car on the cross rail just in front of the right hand front seat close to the tunnel - but these are extremely hard to find as they tend to get rusted over or worn out over the years. Have you looked here?
The chassis plate seems to be (a) non-original (it is flat and does not have raised lettering) , and (b) home stamped. It also looks like it could be "18GN/" and not 16GNV, but it is hard to make out. The later stamped chassis number perhaps copied this incorrectly.
We suggest you put the two photos of the chassis number in a posting on the MG Experience MGA Forum site, and see what other MGA owners come up with.
If your engine is an 1800 it will have "1800" cast into the head - on the top rear corner near the heater shelf.
Picture of rudy
rudy (belgium)
on May 7, 2013 11:59am
hello i see on my title the follow number 04806794 can you link these to the number HDT4315832
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on May 8, 2013 3:23pm
As far as we know, there is no link between the title number and the chassis number on your MGA. Where is the title document from?
Picture of Daniel F Bever
Daniel F Bever (Darlington, IN)
on May 12, 2013 7:40pm
Hi, I have a question regarding the VIN number on my 1959 MGA. I wanted to post a close up photo of the VIN tag but not sure this is possible with this format. In any case the VIn has what appears to be a forward slash mark / after the initial VIN letters "GHNL" then the serial sequence numbers 70644. A bill of sale that was given to me for this vehicle (no title) indicated the following "GHNL 770644". However I believe that the bill of sale when written was misread and that the VIN should read "GHNL / 700644" The slash mark has what appears to be another line that appaers to be nothing more than a scrap mark the the slash mark (if that is what it is) is partial damaged. My question is would this mark be a forward slash, or maybe a 1. So that the vin would read
"GHNL 1 70644" There is a space after the L and before the 7 so I figured that the mark is a forward slash and not a one. If someone would like I can email a close up photo of the vin number. I just want to clarify the corret vin before I file for a new title. I have confirmed that this is a 1959 1600 MGA iris blue original color. thanks Daniel.
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on May 13, 2013 9:28am
Hi Daniel,
GHNL is the correct prefix for a 1600 made in 1969. 70664 is in the range for the correct chassis number for a 59 1600. So the slash mark "/" separates the prefix from the number.
Hope this is helpful to you. You can apply for a certificate from BMIHT which will give you details of the car as it left the factory.
Picture of Daniel F Bever
Daniel F Bever (Darlington, IN)
on May 13, 2013 4:14pm
Thanks Peter&Anne; for the reply. So I am correct in that the mark in between the GHNL prefix and the serial number 70664 is a forward slash mark and not a number 1? I am planning to purchase the certificate from the BMIHT as soon as possible as I would like to get all of the history on my MGA as much as possible. Daniel
Picture of peter caley
peter caley (England UK)
on May 18, 2013 3:11am

i have recently purchased an mga coupe from the states , vin number 70008, i would appreciate it if you could tell me the date of manufacture
any help with this would be appreciated

kind regards
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on May 19, 2013 12:04pm
Hello Peter.
Your chassis number 70008 puts your car between May 1959 and January 1960. Sorry we cannot be more specific than that. You can do two more things - (a) go on the MGA Forum of the MG Experience site, tell people details of your car and the chassis number, and readers will come back to you with their cars near yours, and (b) apply for a BMIHT certificate which will give you many details of your car as it left the factory, including the build date. You can do this on line.
Please give us more details of your car - engine number and size, MGA model - 1500 or 1600 or MkII, colour, etc, or email some photos to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Picture of eugene hemphill
eugene hemphill (mesa az)
on June 6, 2013 11:37am
am looking to buy a mga coupe . the owner said it was a 1959 . it has the one tail light, and a 4 cylinder engine . vin hmd43/61520. am looking for any information on this vin --
Picture of Peter & Anne Tilbury
Peter & Anne Tilbury (Surrey, BC Canada)
on June 6, 2013 3:13pm
Hi Eugene, and welcome to the world of MGAs.
Your VIN number confirms that this is an MGA (H), Coupe (M), and was/is Mineral Blue in colour (D) (a colour unique to the coupe). It was a LHD, NA Export (4), and had cellulose paint (3).
The chassis number, 61520, puts it in early 1959 (after January, and before May). The small tail lights, and the chassis number, confirm it is a 1500 model.
Do you have an engine number? It should start 15GD-U-H followed by 5 numbers.
There should also be a body number on the firewall alongside the right side bonnet hinge.
The exact date of manufacture, and many other details can be obtained on a BMIHT certificate. (You can find a link to the BMIHT on this web site).
If you are sucessful in your purchase, check out, and the MGA Forum on the MG Experience web site, in addition to this NAMGAR web site.
Please contact us if you need more information on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Picture of Allison H Roulston
Allison H Roulston (West Palm Beach, FL)
on July 3, 2013 9:16am
I have just found the original documents for an MGA I purchased in Stuttgart, West Germany, in July 1959.

These include:

1. "Order Form - JA Woodhouse, Distributor for Germany of Nuffield Products Koeln-Braunsfeld"

2. "Invoice No. VA -- Bill Of Sale - JA Woodhouse K.G."

3. The MG Warranty - Chassis or Car and Prefix No. 62666; Engine No. 1553"

If this vehicle is still "alive", perhaps the current owners would appreciate having these documents. I have no idea how to go about locating current owners.

Thank you!
Picture of Greer Lukens
Greer Lukens (USA)
on July 30, 2013 8:26pm
I have a mfg code of, HDR43/20497 for a MGA we believe is a 1957 roadster and an engine code of BP15GB/10671. Would like any help knowing if these are in line with a 1957 and when/what was the build date.

Thank you
Picture of steve moore
steve moore (mundelein ill)
on August 12, 2013 8:36am
My first MGA was vin no. 82418 sold in the early 70s in the Chicago area
and was wondering if you could help me locate it.
Thank you for you consideration.

Steve Moore
Picture of Ben Nolan   NAMGAR Registrar
Ben Nolan NAMGAR Registrar
on August 15, 2013 8:05am
Sorry, the chassis or vin number you posted is not in the NAMGAR data base.
Picture of Gene Abel
Gene Abel (Sicklerville, NJ)
on August 18, 2013 6:19am
I am trying to learn the date of manufacture of my MGTF 1500 The Vin Numver is XPEG1466.

Picture of Peter Diotte
Peter Diotte (Milwaukee, WI)
on August 26, 2013 5:07pm
My first car in 1973 was a 1960 MGA Roadster - wire wheels. I bought it for $200. My second car was a 1959 MGA Roadster - solid wheels - it was my parts car - also $200. It ran but had a tranny knock in 1st gear.

I sold the 1959 in 1977.

I sold the 1960 in 1978 while in college in Milwaukee. I took a photo of the guy that bought it - and I recall he was from either Hartland or Hartford, Wisconsin.

My question: I have the VIN of the 1960 MGA. Is it possible for me to find the current owner of the car? I'm interested in buying it back to restore. Lots of asumptions here - it's still in circulation, etc. Any insight is helpful.


Picture of Peter Diotte
Peter Diotte (Milwaukee, WI)
on August 26, 2013 5:15pm
Forgot to mention - the VIN is GHNL 83807. Sold in 1978 in Milwaukee, WI. Any knowledge of who currently owns it?
Picture of Danny Forwood
Danny Forwood (Australia)
on October 18, 2013 4:51am
I've recently imported a Californian car for restoration, but the engine number tag is missing from the engine and not listed on the title.

the chassis number is: GHNL 97909, which suggests and engine number around 16GA-U-H-29209.

I was wonder whether you actually had this car on your register with the actual engine number?

thanks in advance


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