MGCC-MGA Register Newsletter October 2011

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Hello MGA enthusiasts everywhere. 
We'll start with a round-up of news items from the MGA world.

Battery Conditioners

Thanks to Mike Ellsmore, Down Under, for tipping us off on this worthwhile snippet. Aldi stores are now selling "smart" 12v battery charges for around $25. These are supposedly to the same specs (the type with 6 different charging levels) as the Projecta smart chargers according to comments on the MGA BBS by guys in the UK. I was advised last week that Aldi Australia are also selling them (seems when Aldi have a special they have it worldwide!).

The Projecta and CTEK Battery Charger websites will give more detail on smart battery chargers.

MGA Valuations

From time to time the UK MGA Register Committee members are contacted by owners seeking a valuation of their cars, usually to support their Agreed Vaulation. The Register cannot give valuations owing to possible litigation in the event of a future claim. However, the MG Car Club has teamed up with Classic Assessments to offer a 15% discout to MGCC members for a range of services, all detailed on their website.

MGA Merchandise

With Christmas fast approaching, why not visit the MGA Register website for gift ideas. The new range will include items of ladies and children's wear, so come on you guys, surprise your loved ones and don't forget the grand children. Merchandise Officer, Christine Clark, is ready and waiting for your orders. Visit the MGA Register website now to see the new range.

Coupe Glass for Sale

A former owner is clearing his stock of parts and has for sale a complete set of three rear windows and side windows for a Coupe. These are not new, but believed to be in good condition. There is also a speedo and rev counter for sale. If you are interested in these items, please email Peter Morgan at and Peter will put you in touch with the seller. The items are located in Horndean, Hampshire and are offered on a buyer collects basis. The vendor is moving house shortly and anyone interested should waste no time in making contact.

A Cautionary Tale

The rise in popularity of MGAs has led to a number of firms offering built-to-order cars. The same, of course, applies to all classic cars. You've all seen the adverts; 'as new' total nut and bolt restoration to your specification. However, some nasty tales have reached our ears of MGAs being delivered to their new owners in anthing but 'as new' condition. One owner who contacted me very recently has handed over no less than £36,000 for one of these restored MGAs. He has had problems from the start and the firm who built the car is not showing a lot of concern over rectifying the problems. The owner put his trust in the car taking him on a Continental tour and experienced very poor performance. There are also issues with the actual quality of the rebuild. I have personally inspected another MGA from the same supplier and was shocked at what I saw. If you are considering purchasing a restored MGA, or indeed having your own MGA restored, be very careful. Perhaps you know of someone who is considering going down this route. At the very least, any potential customer of a restoration 'specialist' should seek referrals from owners and/or get advice from the MGA Regisiter. Within the Register there are decades of experience and members are always on hand to give advice.

Is Your MGA Adequately Insured?

The rise in asking prices for MGAs at some of the more prominent dealers shows no sign of abating. Just when it seems that a figure is sure to be a ceiling, an MGA appears for sale at an even higher price. Beaulieu Garage in Hampshire are currently offering a 1500 Roadster at £32,500. Is your MGA adequately insured? Have you checked your agreed value recently? My insurance came up for renewal in July and I obtained a written valuation from a specialist. Using this, together with photographs and a covering letter explaining why I considered my MGA was worth the figure I was seeking, I have had my agreed value raised from £22,000 to £30,000. You are strongly advise to ensure you are adequately covered.

Another related subject to check is your level of breakdown cover. In the event of a serious breakdown does your policy cover the transport of your car to your home or your chosen specialist repairer? I was speaking to one of our members recently who had the misfortune to suffer clutch failure on the motorway. He found that his policy covered him for transporting the car only within a 30 mile radius of the beakdown location. As he was on the motorway at the time he had no alternative than to stump up a recovery charge of £600 ( yes, £600) to have his MGA transported to his home. Don't get caught out, check your policy now.

Future Events

The MGA Register Committee will be meeting in early November and, as usual at this time of year, one of the main items on the agend will be concerned with plans for events during 2012. Two major events that we can tell you about right now are as follows:

Friday-Monday May 18-21 2012 - MGA Register Spring Weekend based in Mid-Wales

Two days of touring in superb scenery and including some challenging mountain roads. The event will be based at the Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells and you can book now - click here for further details. Over 50 cars are booked for this event, now in its 10th year. Rooms in the hotel are being taken up fast, so if you want to join in the fun you should book soon.

MGB 50th Birthday Party - 23 September 2012

This is an important date for your diary in 2012. There will be an MGA presence at this major event. It is hoped that a suitable 1962 MGA can be located to display next to a 1962 MGB. Keep an eye out in Safety Fast for more details. We'll also keep you up to date through this series of eNewsletters.

That's all for this time folks, happy MGAdventures. The next eNewsletter will be in December.

Stuart Mumby, 
Chairman, MGA Register

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