MG Z Magnettes in the UK

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This is the third article from Stuart Mumby of the MGA Register of the MG Car Club.

As an MGA owner in the UK it is easy to overlook the fact that NAMGAR in the USA looks after the interests of the Z Magnettes as well as MGAs. Here in the UK an unofficial Magnette Group was formed in 1971 but was quickly taken under the umbrella of the MGA Register as a sub-section. The MGA Register itself came into being in October 1970. On the 10 March 1974 the Magnette sub-section became the ‘Magnette Register’ in its own right and by July 1995 its title was ‘Z & Farina Magnette Register’ the name having been amended to reflect the fact that the Register also encompassed the Farina styled MkIII & MkIV models. In October 2010 the MG Car Club Council formally approved the latest name change, which took it back to ‘Magnette Register.’ It was felt that the longer title gave too much emphasis on the Farina models, which represent only a tiny proportion of the cars on the Register. Also this change was to avoid any confusion with the ZR/ZS/ZT Register, the newest MG Car Club Register that was formed to represent the MG versions of the Rover saloons, launched in 2001.

Greg ThorntonMagnettes have a strong following in the UK, holding several annual meets, including the Magnettes & Steam event. This takes place at a different heritage steam railway location each year. The accompanying pictures show Greg Thornton with his superb ZB Varitone at the MG Car Club Yorkshire Centre’s ‘Sports and Classic Car Weekend’ in September 2010. Greg has worked hard to bring his car to this condition. The car was extensively restored in the early 1980s. Greg acquired the car in April 2001 and has since fitted new carpets, carried out an unleaded conversion and detailing in the engine bay and had the car resprayed.

Greg is keen on showing his Magnette and has enjoyed many successes. 2009 brought him five awards including the MG Car Club Z Register NTG Trophy for best car in the annual championship. In 2010 he has netted three awards including first in class in the prestigious annual MG Owners Club Northern National event and second in class at Sledmere.

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Last updated on November 28, 2010.