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Hi Contacts

Spring has sprung. So it's time to really focus on your chapter or interest group doings. Most certainly that focus is going to be on getting your MGs road worthy. Thanks for passing this newsletter onto your members, newsletter editors and web coordinators.


NAMGAR Chapter & Interest Group Coordinators Replacements Announcement

We're stepping down after six years as your coordinators and we're happy to announce that our replacements are Bill & Karen Marshall, 9308 Mathis Avenue, Manassas, VA 20110-5145; Tel: 703-393-9308; email: chapters@namgar.com. They "officially" take over in April.

Bill & Karen belong to the Mid-Atlantic and the Key West Chapters of NAMGAR. Bill is currently chairman of Mid-Atlantic. They are both avid chapter and NAMGAR supporters and they will bring new enthusiasm and ideas to the chapter and interest group coordinators position. Please welcome them.

PLEASE NOTE:  Also, please notify your newsletter editors ASAP to remove our names and add Bill & Karen's name / address information so that they can begin receiving your newsletters either snail mail or electronically. If your chapter uses British Marque News no change is required as Bill & Karen will be subscribing.

2012 Events of Interest to Chapters and Interest Groups

April 20 -22

Kimber Festival in Norwich, NY. A weekend of MG related seminars held at the Northeast Classic Car Museum and is also featuring a MG literature swap. Click here for details.

April 23 - 27

Key West Regional GT hosted by the Key West British Car Club and they're celebrating the 30th anniversary of the independence of the Conch Republic. Click here to contact the event organizer or visit their website.

May 5

Drive Your MGA Day. It's a day to let the world know you have an MGA and enjoy driving it. Be sure to wave at other MGA drivers as you pass them by. While you're at it, take some pics and write a short write up and send them to the Editor for MGA! magazine.

July 9 - 13

GT 37 is being held in Dayton, OH and is being hosted by the Southwestern Ohio Center MG Club. Lots to see and do such as the Dayton Air Show prior to and the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix after the GT. This is going to be a well attended GT due to its location and corresponding events. Details are available on the GT37 website.

Renkenberger Spirit Award

Now is the time to nominate one of your chapter or interest group members for the Renkenberger Spirit Award. It's so simple and it's free. It's a great way of thanking somebody for their efforts through the years for their chapter or interest group. Click here for further details.

NAMGAR Regional Events

Staging a NAMGAR Regional is a great way for your chapter or interest group to get MGs together. A regional can be most anything - a long weekend, a car show, whatever. If you've already have an event planned then expanding it into a regional is a no-brainer. Contact Carol Shamonsky, NAMGAR Vice Chairman, for further details.

Chapter Attendance Award

Now is the time to start formulating your chapter's strategy to win the Chapter Attendance Award at the GT. This year's location in Dayton assures that competition will be keen, as so many NAMGAR chapters are within eight to ten hours of Dayton. It's your chapter's chance for bragging rights for a year. Click here for further details of the award.

Farewell Till We Meet Again

In closing we've enjoyed being the NAMGAR Chapter & Interest Group Coordinators the past six years. The emails, conversations at GTs and telephone calls have been enjoyable and in many cases memorable! We also thank all the NAMGAR Board and Staff, past and present, for all of their support and cooperation. We'll see you at the GT for sure.

Lee & Liz

NAMGAR Website Coordinators' Comments:  Lee & Liz - thank you for six years of great service and support to NAMGAR in this position as Chapter Coordinators. It's been a pleasure working with you.

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Last updated on March 26, 2012.