Second Quarter 2015

Photo for Second Quarter 2015

Important Information from your Chapter Coordinators!

We have some important announcements that we would like to share.

First, GT-40 in Frankenmuth, MI is just around the corner. We would like a headcount if you’re are attending the meeting and planning on attending the Chapter Coordinator meeting on Thursday, June 18 at 1:00 PM. We would like to plan for refreshments, so please let us know if you or a member of your Chapter will be attending.

Second and hot off the press. Please join us in welcoming our newest NAMGAR from Alaska. Ken Morton is the Chapter Contact for the British Sports Cars Alaska. This is an All British Club that formed in 1998 and has about 40 members. We are looking to hear more from our western-most and northern-most Chapter. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Regional Meet up there someday?

Third, we have a new Renkenberger Spirit Award recipient!! The Ottawa MG Club nominated Trish Adams. Trish received the award in April. Congratulations Trish!

Finally, Colleen and I as well as NAMGAR will be asking each Chapter to list their yearly activities in addition to your membership numbers. We will get this information at the end of the year, but I want you to be logging your activities. This information will be used to select a Chapter for the Chapter Recognition Award. Stay tuned for more information.

Colleen and I will be driving the ’57 Roadster to the GT this year. We will see you there!!

Upcoming NAMGAR Events

June 15-19, 2015 GT 40 – Frankenmuth, Michigan. Annual Chapter & Interest Group Contacts Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 18, 2015from 1pm to 3pm in the Brahms Room.

**** Hot off the presses***** Tabetha Hammer from Hagerty Insurance Company will be a guest speaker at our meeting. She will be talking about the Youth Initiative Program. This should be a very interesting talk. Let’s find out how we can get our youth interested in our cars!!

Chapter and Interest Group Contacts please make arrangements to attend this meeting. It’s your chance to meet and interact with NAMGAR Board and Staff members and also to share common issues and successes with other Chapter and Interest group contacts. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. If you are unable to attend please appoint an attending Chapter or Interest group member to attend in your place. Please email us with any items that you would like added to the meeting agenda.

Hagerty Youth Judging

Introduced as our first official youth service in 2007, the Hagerty Youth Judging Program is hosted at more than 70 classic car and boat events throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Designed primarily for youth ages 8-14, the Youth Judging Program brings the world of classics to a kid friendly level. The Young Judges are guided through the show field as a group to pre-selected show cars and interact with owners, allowing the judges to learn details, history and fun facts about each. A simplified score card that highlights five basic categories and is rated on a scale of 1-to-5 is used. For more information or to request a Youth Judging kit for your show, contact or 231.929.6147.

Dates for Submission of Materials for MGA!

I would like to remind everyone that the cutoff for submission on materials to be published in MGA! is the 5th of every even month (February, April, June, August, October and December)

Interest Group News

MG Vintage Racers tell us that these racing events will have a special focus on MGs this year. Go see a race near you.

July 23-26 Sportscar Vintage Racing Association’s - “Glenora Wine Cellars Grand Prix” at Watkins, NY. Always a favorite for MG racers and MG enthusiasts. It will include the historic 31st running of the all MG “Collier Cup” race.

August 31st -September 2nd- The “Put-In-Bay Road Races Reunion”. This year featuring MG. Put-In-Bay is a vacation island on Lake Erie, Ohio, where they raced sports cars many years ago. Now they are re-creating those races and the “party atmosphere” of them on this historic island. This is as much a vacation as vintage racing for both racers and spectators, plus they have a car sh

NAMGAR Regional GT’s – Something your Chapter might want to consider!

Is there any event on your club’s calendar such as a weekend trip or a car show that could be expanded to become a NAMGAR Regional? It is something that you might want to consider. What the heck, the more the merrier. If you’ve already done the planning for an event then you’re more than half way there. Having a regional just might fill up that motel or enhance your car show field. Contact NAMGAR Vice Chairman Jeff Becker for details and advice on hosting a NAMGAR Regional.

Chapter Newsletters

We enjoy reading your club newsletters. We have had a very good response since our last request, but there still a few Chapters who are not sending in their newsletters. Please check with your club member who is charge of sending out the newsletters. Electronic newsletters should be submitted to the Chapter Coordinators and NAMGAR editor Michael Tooke, Communications Manager.

Chapter Events – Post Yours on the Events Page

NAMGAR Web Coordinators, Peter and Anne Tilbury, provide a service on the NAMGAR web site to post your upcoming club sponsored events which might interest other NAMGAR members convenient to your area. Please use this FREE service to promote your MG or British car hobbyist event.

You may add your club events to the Calendar of Events by visiting

Don’t forget to check out the Calendar of Events on OFTEN.

Renkenberger Spirit Award

This award is presented by the NAMGAR Board of Directors to a member of a Chapter or Interest group upon request of the local Chapter. The member does not have to be a member of NAMGAR. Each NAMGAR Chapter or NAMGAR Interest Group is eligible to nominate one of their members every three (3) years. As most Chapters have their annual planning meetings coming up this would be an appropriate time to suggest that your Chapter’s Board consider nominating a member for this award. Also our Interest groups can think about nominating one of their members. All Chapters and Interest groups have individuals that spend vast amounts of time and energy making the organization successful and this award is a very appropriate way of recognizing them.

The award is prepared and sent to the Chapter Contact by NAMGAR upon receipt of the Chapter’s 300-400 word nomination submission to the Chapter Coordinators, along with a photograph of the awardee. These will be published in MGA! and also posted on the NAMGAR website. It should be noted there is no cost to the Chapter for the award, which is provided by NAMGAR, and we do encourage each Chapter to use this award to recognize an outstanding member.

For more information on how to submit a nomination please contact us or visit

Renkenberger Spirit Award - 2015 Recipients

  • Ottawa MG Club – Trish Adams (2015)
  • San Diego MG Club - Wayne and Dee Johnson (2015)

Renkenberger Spirit Award – Past Recipients

  • Mid-Atlantic Chapter – Bill & Martha Ludtke (2008)
  • Houston MG Car Club – Ron Redding (2009)
  • SW Ontario Hoser Eh’s – John & Diane Burgess (2009)
  • Michigan Rowdies – Brian Beery (2010)
  • Milwaukee & Great Lakes MG Motor Car Group – Ed Kaufman (2010)
  • Columbia Gorge MGA Club – Bill Barnes (2010)
  • MG Car Club Northwest Center – Jim & Roberta Lumley (2010)
  • Ottawa MG Club – Len Fortin (2011)
  • Reno British Car Club – Jim Phelps (2011)
  • Key West British Car Club – Fred & Cindy Skomp (2012)
  • Mid-Atlantic Chapter – Bill Marshall (2012)
  • Central Virginia British Car Club – Carol Woodson (2012)
  • South Western Ontario Hoser Ehs – Mike Hosier and Nancy Payne (2013)
  • Victoria MG Club – Neil Fawdry (2013)
  • Ohio BuckAyes - Jeff Fields (2013)
  • MGCC Northwest Centre - Lee Orphan (2013)

Please share this newsletter with your Chapter and Interest Group members. We look forward to an active driving season coming up and hope you are able to attend the national GT or a Regional GT local to you. We also encourage each Chapter Contact to reach out to a neighboring Chapter to see if there are club activities that would be enhanced by including a larger pool of British vehicles.

Happy Motoring!

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