2012 Bob Bucher-Sherm Decker Memorial Cup - Racing in the Rain

Photo for 2012 Bob Bucher-Sherm Decker Memorial Cup - Racing in the Rain

This past September, SVRA hosted its annual Vintage Races at the Glen. Of special interest to MG enthusiasts was the 28th Annual Collier Cup race for MGs. Saturday dawned very wet with threats of tornados, but this wasn’t enough to deter 13 hardy MG vintage racers.

That group included the ’57 MGA of Chris Meyers (#029), Dave Good’s ’59 (#37), Jim Holody’s ’59 Twin Cam (#511) and my ’62 (#222). This race also awards the trophy all MGA racers want to win - our NAMGAR Bob Bucher-Sherm Decker Memorial Cup for the first MGA across the line in the Collier Cup race.

At the start, spray and rain were everywhere, but after the first lap, the MGAs were in the third through sixth positions behind two MGBs. At this point Jim’s Twin Cam and my Mk II started to pull away and by lap four, we had about a minute lead over Dave Good. Jim and I were having the best race in the rain I’ve ever had. Going into turn eight (Heel of the Boot), the back of 222 suddenly went left-right-left and came to a stop in the middle of turn eight. I could see Jim out of the corner of my eye and thought I would soon hear metal to metal. Jim is a great driver and managed to slide past on the outside. I thought he was long gone, but when I restarted and headed to nine, I saw the Twin Cam in the gravel. That was too bad, as we were having a great race!

Dick PowersBy now Dave Good caught up and as we went by Start-Finish, they displayed the Last Lap sign. For that lap, I made 222 as wide as possible. As we came out of turn 11, the last turn, I was in second and ran it to 6500, then in third, pushed my foot through the firewall. At the finish, I managed to stay ahead of Dave by half a front fender to finish third overall. It was still raining very hard and as I pulled into Victory Circle, former NAMGAR chair and two-time B-D Cup winner, Dave Smith, ran over to my MGA and shouted, ”Dick you won the Bucher-Decker Cup!” An emotional moment for both of us and I can assure you that it was just as wet on the inside of my visor as on the outside.

That night, MGA friends Dave Smith, Joe Tierno (also a two-time B-D Cup winner), Gordie Ruston, Gerry Foster, and our families went to the Seneca Lodge to celebrate. Tierno and Smith reminded me of some Bucher-Decker Cup traditions. By the time we left, everyone at the Lodge knew the Bucher-Decker history and about NAMGAR! It's still hard to believe that my name is on the trophy with my other MGA vintage racing friends. Thank you NAMGAR for making it possible for all MGA racers to be part of the Bob Bucher-Sherm Decker tradition.

(Photos by Michael DiPleco and Dick Powers)

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Last updated on November 24, 2012.