Photo for SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018, VOL 44 NO 1

Okay, GT-43 will have indeed come and gone by the time you read this. It really did turn out to be a good time too, didn’t it? There weren’t as many Coupes as was hoped for, but they still made a good showing. And how about those Magnettes?

I think the count was sixteen of them at the GT, which I believe is the most at a GT since GT-35 in Delevan, Wisconsin. I understand that Allen Bachelder was pushing all Magnette owners to make the trip and the turnout showed it. You’ll find many other details in this issue of MGA! regarding the GT, including winners at the car show. I’ve said many times how much we appreciate the efforts of the host clubs; the Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter and the Central Virginia British Car Club. Thank you to co-chairmen, Bill Marshall and Bruce Woodson, as well as their teams, for putting a truly great GT together.

We did caravan down to the GT through Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia. We didn’t rush, taking three days to get there. Our car was the lone ranger as far as having a problem. The rebuilt fuel pump I installed during the car’s restoration ten years ago finally gave up. The other two cars in the caravan hung around the entire time we were down, which we really appreciated. We figured out what the problem was quickly, but it took some time to get it changed out. I had a new pump I’d been carrying around all these years, so in it went. I figured I’d save some time and hook up the wires to the pump before installing the new pump in place. They won’t reach to go in backwards, will they? After getting everything else reconnected, the time to check the new pump came.

With ignition on, all we got was a burning wire. Yes, I’d hooked the pump up backwards, but I didn’t figure that out until a lot later that night. So I called a tow truck to get us the rest of the way to our motel for the night. By this time, it was cold, and rainy, and getting darker by the minute as we waited for a long, long time for that truck. The next morning the wires were corrected and the pump fired right up. When we got to the GT, I went to see Tom Ball to get another pump to carry around for maybe another ten years or so.

After the GT, we attended a family reunion in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Unfortunately, we also combined it with a memorial service for Mitzi’s mother, who died just before the GT. The funeral had been put on hold until the reunion since there were so many family members already planning a trip to the area. All in all, though it was a good trip. The Finger Lakes region is a beautiful area that you should visit if you haven’t had the chance.

Make plans now to attend GT-44 in Dubuque, Iowa from July 10-14, 2019. Our host hotel will be the Hotel Julien in downtown

Dubuque, which is right on the Mississippi River. There are neat things to see and neat roads to drive in the area. Dubuque is also where Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin come together with Minnesota close by. The host club is the Minnesota MG Vintage Racers and vintage racing will be the highlight of this GT. One-day trip is currently planned for Galena, IL, a very picturesque town about 22 miles away from Dubuque.

Work on the MGs continues. The TD continues to give me problems. I was trying to make sure everything was good for a trip to an upcoming T club meeting; I had two issues to resolve. First, I traced some “bad” engine noises I was hearing with a hose held to my ear to the water pump. I found I could move the fan blade all around with no problem. So, a new water pump is on order. Next, some other noises I heard led me to discover that two of the exhaust system hangers had failed at the rubber to metal interface. The entire exhaust system is currently hanging down. I plan to run some bolts through the rubber into the metal to make sure they stay together.

I’ll have to admit that work on the T continues to frustrate me and I’m not anxious to get it running again. Doing so will likely just bring more issues. Meanwhile, we made a few day trips in the ‘A’ after the GT and everything was going fine, including the newly installed fuel pump. We were planning on a quick trip to a local car show the night before we left for the reunion. Turning the ignition on gave me the normal ignition light, but pulling the starter knob did nothing. The car was completely dead. Only after putting the charger on the battery was I able to start the car. However, turns out the charger didn’t help the battery, so I’ve now installed a new battery. The old one was five years old anyway. I hope that’s the end of troubles with the ‘A’ for now. I’ve only managed to move forward a bit on the Magnette with one side of the front suspension now removed. I’m moving towards getting it blasted to find out how bad the sheet metal issues really are as I’m eager to get moving on body restoration.

As I announced at GT-43, we still don’t have a location for GT-45 in 2020. If you’d like to help correct that, just let me know. In the meantime, happy motoring.

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Last updated on October 22, 2018.