Photo for SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017, VOL 43 NO 1

It really was a great GT in Solvang, wasn’t it? There were a good number of west coast cars that were also First Timers. I hope everyone in that category also had a great time and is looking forward to the next GT.

The GT left us with many good memories including special meals, special organized and on your own tours, museum and Moss Motors visits, winery & brewery tours, and the list goes on. A full report on GT-42 results is available on so take some time to look it over. I want to take the time to once again say thanks to our host clubs. The MG Owners Club of Northern California and the Paradise British Car Club are to be congratulated. The Ocean-to-Ocean group did indeed make it to Solvang and gave us lots of photo memories along the way. Same goes for the group that drove down from the northwest including those from Canada. Many GT attendees elected to stay a few days beyond the GT to enjoy local attractions before heading for home.

Whether you made it to Solvang or not, now’s the time to set your sights on GT-43 next year in Richmond, VA. The host hotel is beautiful and in a great location. I know that things are getting busy for the Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter and the Central Virginia British Car Club, our host clubs for next year. As in life, time seems to go by quickly. It’s just a short 8 months or so until GT-43. Before we know it, the website and registration form will be in front of us all. Keep your eyes out for all the details the host clubs come up with for things to see and do while in Richmond. The area is full of local history and I hope to be able to take some time to explore while we’re there. Mitzi and I have not had a chance to spend much time in that area of the country so I’m looking forward to the opportunity. We missed being able to have our MGA in Solvang, but plan to change that next year since we’ll be making that trip in our 'A' for sure.

Our family did manage to make our trip to western Michigan as planned. We rented a large house that held ten adults and five children with no issues. We did something different each day, which made the trip enjoyable. We spent some time on Lake Michigan, some at a nearby inland lake, one day at a local Dutch village, and so on. We were there for four days, which was probably a good time frame to keep everything civil among us.

Okay, I know this is an MGA publication, but here’s the latest on our MG TD. As planned, we did make the drive to GOF Central in Akron, OH. This event was also well attended by 'A' owners since the Ohio Buckayes joined in the event to celebrate their 40th year. A dinner for MGA owners was one of the festivities we attended while there. I did not get the TD’s side curtains installed, but we survived fine without them being finished, although we barely escaped having to drive through some heavy rain. This was our first GOF, so we qualified as First Timers and were warmly treated. Now I’ll have to get serious about the side curtains - maybe this winter.

The GOF did give us an unexpected new experience for the car show. Turns out the rain had made the planned show field so wet that they had to move the car show to a warehouse. That in and of itself was fine, but turns out the only way in and out of the warehouse was up and down a narrow ramp. How narrow? About 5” to spare on each side of the car. Although time consuming, it was a good thing they had someone there to guide every car up the ramp and then down the ramp at the end of the car show. While we were at the GOF, I acquired some LED tail lamps for the TD. These go beyond the LED lamps available from some of our normal suppliers in that the LEDs are installed on small circuit boards with multiple LEDs. The finished lamp is designed to fit into the lamp housing and seems to be even brighter than the single LED bulbs. They’re available for either positive or negative ground. I just finished installing them and they look quite good. They’re also available for the MGA and I may give them a try there, too. 

Now on to the next pressing issue in the TD; a troublesome transmission. I’d experienced some issues with it since I finished the restoration, but they showed up a few times on this trip, too. I rebuilt this transmission myself and it was my first ever transmission rebuild, so I know who the culprit is. I’ve talked to several folks about my issue including John Twist and it’s likely my problem is with one or more of the selector #####. Apparently I failed to put all of them in; thought I had, but didn’t, or dropped one into the case, or something. Anyway, I’m planning on taking out the transmission to look it over completely to figure out what I did wrong.

While in Solvang, I learned that many of you have at least entertained the thought of putting a Regional together. I hope you’re continuing to think about and/or plan for a Regional. If you haven’t, you might think about using some club event that you already hold as the beginning point for a Regional. That’s usually a simple transition. Of course, I urge all clubs to also consider hosting a national GT as our plate of future GTs still isn’t as full as I’d like it to be. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about hosting a GT. We maintain an event guidelines document to help you with planning, which I’ll provide with a simple request via phone or email. Yes, the document is large, but its intent is to help with all aspects of planning. In the end, I believe the information is superior to other registers that don’t provide as much guidance. 

By the time you read this, hints of fall may be in the air. But there’s still lots of good driving time left so don’t hold back. In our part of the country, fall color tour drives are popular and we’ll be having another one this year. Maybe your club has other traditions you enjoy during the late summer/early fall time. Whatever traditions you or your club have, continue to drive and enjoy your car(s). 

Happy Motoring!

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Last updated on December 7, 2017.