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Yes, it was quite a shock to learn of Carol’s passing. For me, it took some time just to process that something really had happened. She was a great lady. I first got to know her when she was Vice Chairman and I worked with her on GT-40.

As time moved on and she moved up to the position of Chairman, I got to know her even better. She was amazing with her memory of NAMGAR events, GTs and most of all, NAMGAR people. For someone like me who has trouble remembering details, she was a great resource. Carol also always had the forethought to insure NAMGAR’s vision stayed constant.

The Board has met via a conference call to decide on our next steps. With the planning that Carol had made ahead of time, we’ll be able to continue with NAMGAR’s direction as she envisioned it.

First on the list is the Chairman’s position. I will be filling in for the office of Chairman, but it will be for a very short time as I will return to the Vice Chairman position effective with our annual Board meeting in January. During this short time, you can reach me at either the Chairman or Vice Chairman emails found on the masthead page of every issue of the magazine.

Effective with our Board meeting, Tom Medeen will take over the duties of Chairman. Tom is a longtime NAMGAR member and regular GT attendee. Tom's first article as our new Chairman will appear in the January-February issue of MGA!.

Unfortunately, Carol was unable to spend a lot of time with Tom in teaching the fine points of the NAMGAR Chairman position. So it will be a joint effort to bring Tom up to speed. Bruce Woodson has stepped up to volunteer to help Tom learn the position. Since Bruce is the most recent of our past Chairmen, he is perhaps in the best position to offer advice. Others on the NAMGAR Board will pitch in as needed. Carol often mentioned that NAMGAR is like a family where we all look out for one another. Pitching in to help with this difficult transition is an example of that – I think Carol would be proud.

The NAMGAR Board meeting will be held in January, continuing our normal timeframe of holding this annual gathering in the first quarter of the year. Again, Carol had begun the process of setting it up. As always, if any members have any concerns or comments, please let me or any of our Board members know.

Switching gears now, Drive Your Magnette Day has come and gone, but I trust a majority of Magnette owners were able to get out in their cars whether alone or as part of a group. Be sure to send in photos and / or stories concerning your day.

By the time the next issue of MGA! arrives, expect to see the registration form for GT-44 in Dubuque. That will be your chance to make concrete plans to attend GT-44 from July 10 – 14, 2019. That brings up an open issue left by Carol’s passing. We’re in the beginning stages of making some changes to our GT process. Registrations will now be handled by NAMGAR directly, if the local chapter so desires. For GT- 44, Carol had volunteered to take that task on. We don’t have a solid plan in place yet to handle GT-44 registrations, but be assured we will have it resolved soon.

Since we’ve had so much difficulty of late on finding chapters willing to host a GT, we’re moving to make some changes. Going forward, NAMGAR plans to:

• Handle registrations for the GT.

• Take care of the bills for the GT by paying them directly from the NAMGAR treasury.

• Create/participate in website creation for the GT (still not totally resolved as to how we’ll handle this).

• Find the host hotel, make sure they have the appropriate facilities, negotiate the rate, work out the details, and sign the contract with them.

• Request a nearby club to provide volunteers to help run the GT. Failing that, NAMGAR will procure volunteers for hosting on their own.

We hope this will ease concerns that clubs have about handling registrations, bills, and creating a website. This also allows us to directly influence GT locations, since we prefer to vary the location from year to year.

We’ve started down this road for GT-45 in 2020. We will, of course, still be completely open to individual clubs that would like to host a GT. Time will tell how well this works out.

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Last updated on December 4, 2018.