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I hope your club’s final drive event of the year, whether it was a color tour or other event, was a good time. It’s likely that your driving events are now over for the year unless you live further south than we do. If you own a Magnette,

I hope you had a chance to take it for a spin for “Drive Your Magnette Day” on or around Oct. 7th. Whatever your last event or drive was, I hope you sent in an article and/or some photos of your event to our website or for publication in MGA!.

It won’t be long until Christmas now! That's hard for me to believe since I’m writing this so far ahead of the holiday season. In fact, our own club’s Christmas party is just a couple of weeks away now and it’s always a good time to catch up with members and old friends, some of whom we haven’t seen for a while. Many have their Christmas list already put together and it’s likely there are lots of you with a few MG items on that list. For those of us in the northern climes, our cars are mostly in their winter sleeping mode. Or maybe you’ve started working on that change or upgrade you’ve been planning for some time now. Or maybe that item you’ve been wishing for will arrive at Christmas time in your stocking or under the tree. NAMGAR’s online store is also a great place to search for potential Christmas items. Just click on the ‘Store’ tab at the top of the NAMGAR web site.

I hope you have next year’s GT-43 in Richmond, VA, in your plans. The registration form will appear in the next issue of MGA!, so be on the lookout for it. In some respects, the further away you live from the Richmond area, the more reason you have to visit if you haven’t been there before. Combine two trips into one by attending the GT, then plan on extra time either before or after the GT to visit many of the historical areas nearby. Our host clubs, the Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter and the Central Virginia British Car Club, are both quite active. You can be sure that their planning is well underway for the GT. If you receive NAMGAR’s eNews!, you already know that the MGA Coupe will be the featured model at GT-43. If you own a Coupe, you now have another reason to make it to GT-43. Many of us without a Coupe, but with a curiosity about them, can take advantage. As the featured model, it’s a good bet that more than the usual number will appear.

I mentioned in the last issue my TD transmission problem. As a recap, I’ve sometimes had difficulty shifting from 2nd to 3rd with the result being the transmission locking up. I would then be unable to move the shifter back into neutral until I removed the shift “tower” and pried the selector shafts back into the neutral position. I finally had the time recently to remove the transmission from the car.

The advice I had received about my issue was that one or more of the selector ##### was probably missing or a spring was missing or broken. Turns out all the ##### and springs were in position. But upon closer examination, I did discover that one of the lower ##### was 1 /4” instead of the correct 5/16”. I don’t think that was the root of the problem, but it probably didn’t help things any. In any case, they are all now 5/16”. The issue I found that I believe was the real cause was a frozen pin internal to the 3rd / 4th selector shaft.

The purpose of the pin is to move one of the lower ##### against an adjacent selector shaft to make sure all shafts stay in position. Without the pin moving, the ##### were not being forced against the respective shaft. Ken Nelson sent me a new (to me) used shaft that he had on hand. It was a later version and was longer than mine, but the pin sure moves easier than mine. Unfortunately, the longer shaft doesn’t fit in my trans mission. I learned that when the longer shaft was introduced there were also changes to the shift tower to accommodate it. Since I also don’t have the newer shift tower, I’ve elected to have the longer shaft cut down to be the same length as the original. As I write this, I’m waiting to get the modified shaft back. I feel good that this change will correct my problem, but stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I continue to attempt to set up future Regional or National GTs. I need everyone’s help to get these events scheduled. We do have some events in the planning stages, but it’s still too early to celebrate that we’re in great shape.

I urge any club that has considered one to get serious about hosting a GT, either a Regional or a National. That’s especially true if you live in a part of the country that hasn’t had a GT in quite some time. We all like seeing areas of the country we haven’t been to at all or that we’d like to get back to. So email me or give me a call if you have something in mind.

If you live in the southern part of the country, I encourage you to take advantage of the extra driving weather you may have. For some of you in the southern climes the milder weather probably makes this a favorite time of the year for getting out and driving your ‘A’ or Magnette. If you belong to a local club, I hope you’re able to attend any holiday gatherings that are on your schedule. Some clubs celebrate after the holidays when there’s not so much going on. Either way, make the most of our common hobby and enjoy!

Happy Motoring

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Last updated on December 7, 2017.