MAY/JUNE 2018, VOL 43 NO 5

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I hope spring has really arrived where you live. It’s great to finally get our cars back on the road again in my part of the country. I’m usually fairly busy with my cars in the winter months, but there just weren’t many days that I could spend some time in my unheated building. I have a personal threshold of outdoor temperature being at least in the mid-20s. Unfortunately, those days were in the minority.

Mitzi has also been going through some medical issues, so that has also occupied lots of days. Her condition looks to be improving, which is a good thing. We’re still planning on Richmond and hope to make a European River Cruise ahead of that.

NAMGAR’ s annual board meeting was in progress as this article was being written. We were able to hold the meeting at the location of next year’s GT, so it was a chance for all of us to experience the hotel and the area. We were also able to explore many topics of concern to NAMGAR and its members. Without getting into all the details, the meeting confirms that we continue to be a healthy and forward-looking organization.

One issue that continues to be of concern for us, and similar organizations, is future membership. As we all age, there are fewer and fewer younger members joining our ranks. In my mind, part of that is due to the continuing change to the automotive landscape. When I was younger, getting my driver’s license, buying my first car, and so on were major events. Working on cars was also a by-product since the reliability of cars was not what it is today. My father taught me quite a bit about normal maintenance items and how to handle them. Today’s automotive landscape is much different. Cars have become very complex, but in a good way, with little maintenance required and extremely high reliability. Along with that, the desire for a first car has decreased and seems destined to continue to do so. Now we have autonomous cars in the future and people that actually drive cars may continue to decrease. And what will happen to classic cars in the future as we move to more and more autonomous cars on the road? Will they eventually be outlawed? I sure hope that’s a worst case scenario. So what do we do?

Even though we can’t duplicate our own experiences in the younger generation, we can sure try to give them an opportunity to drive our cars and hold events that pull them in. I know that’s easier said than done, but it is and I suspect will become a bigger issue as time marches on. Of course, money also plays a factor in all this. As we age, we become more able to invest in classic cars. This may lend itself to bringing more enthusiasts into the British classic car world.

Our local club did manage to hold its annual business meeting. Attendance was pretty low since it followed a heavy snowfall that kept many away. It was still a good time and I like to think we have a good schedule of events for the year. The one event I took on, and am pretty excited about, is a day we have planned for a drive, a picnic, and a trip to a local airport that offers glider rides. The glider rides will be optional, but should also be fun. There seems to be a link between those that enjoy our classic cars and those who are interested in aviation. That gives me hope that I’m not alone in looking forward to the day we have planned. Of course, we have other events on our calendar, which I’m sure will make for a great driving and socializing year.

Speaking of events, it’s nearly time to hit the road for Richmond and GT-43. And if you’re a Coupe owner, you need to be doing all you can to make it there. Bruce Woodson and Bill Marshall, the co-chairs, are planning on a minimum of 43 coupes making it to the GT. I like to think that number will be exceeded. The Richmond area has a lot of history that will absolutely help with making the GT a good time. I sure hope you’ve registered by now, and I especially hope you’ve made your hotel reservations. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be surprised if the reserved block of rooms is still available. But even if it isn't, you can still make plans to attend by reserving a room at the overflow hotel. For the latest updates and revised schedule for GT-43, visit the website at

As I mentioned earlier, my unheated building hasn’t given me a chance to do much on my cars. I have managed to get my LED bulbs installed in the rear lamps on the ‘ A.’ You might remember I installed them on my TD a few months ago. The ‘ A’ lamps didn’t install quite as easily. It had to do with the fasteners internal to the lamp. The attachment from the existing lamp to the plinth on my car was 10-32 fasteners. I think those are still the original parts, but the LED lamps I purchased are designed to use 8-32 fasteners. After an email exchange with my supplier, he suggested a possible alternate way of installing them. His suggestion worked, but took a bit more time. In the end, I managed to get them installed and they look just as good in operation as do the ones on the TD. That is to say, they’re nice and bright and should be more noticeable to those behind me. I’ve done very little on my Magnette of late. Part of that is on purpose because I still don’t have a title for it. How that came to be is a bit of a story, but suffice it to say the former owner has been promising he would get the title issue resolved and get it to me. Unfortunately, his latest message to me is that he will no longer be working to get me a valid title – he’s also quite ill and I suspect that’s partially the reason for him pulling back on his promise. In any case, I now have to figure out how to get myself a valid title. Based on personal investigation into the subject, I believe Michigan does provide a way for me to come up with a title. Time will tell if I can manage to get this whole issue fixed. And, yes, in perfect 20-20 hindsight I should never have purchased the car in the first place.

I continue to worry about our future GTs and Regionals. I suppose that’s the life of a Vice Chairman. You know about GT-43 this year in Richmond, VA. Shortly after receiving this issue of MGA! , the location of GT-44 will be announced at GT-43. Then we have to get a location for GT-45 in 2020 resolved and a location for GT-47 in 2022. Those aren’t nearly as far out as they seem, so step up and get your club involved in planning a GT. Or try your hand at a Regional. As I said before, try it, you’ll like it.

Happy Motoring!

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Last updated on May 26, 2018.