MAY/JUNE 2017, VOL 42 NO 5

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First, my condolences to our Chairman, Carol Shamonsky, on the recent loss of her husband, Bill. I’m sure the entire NAMGAR community feels her loss.

I hope by now everyone has had a chance to get your car(s) out of their winter storage locations and are getting into the fun of once again driving them on local or distant roads. Winter wasn’t too bad this year in most parts of the country, but it’s still nice that another one has ended.

Hope you’ve registered for GT-42 in Solvang, CA. If not, it’s getting close to crunch time. It promises to be another great GT; I know I’m looking forward to a west coast GT in beautiful California. Maybe you’ll be taking part in the Ocean-to-Ocean drive being organized by Bill Marshall of the Mid-Atlantic MGA Chapter. Maybe you’ll be part of the west coast drive planned to begin in Canada. Maybe you’ll be driving with a smaller group or by yourself. Whatever your drive plans, take the time to have a good time, see new things, meet new friends, enjoy the sights, and so on. Unfortunately, our method of transportation this year will be on an airplane. This will be our first GT since our restoration was finished without our car, so we’ll miss getting there via our preferred method. We’d have liked to make the Ocean-to-Ocean drive, but that just wasn’t in the cards for us this year. Solvang promises to be a great place to visit and enjoy. Check for the latest GT info on the NAMGAR website. I look forward to seeing you again or meeting you at the GT.

Ed Sass and Colleen Quinn, NAMGAR’s Chapter Coordinators, recently sent out their latest newsletter to all the club contacts. Hopefully, your contact has passed that on to you. The newsletter reminds all clubs what items need to be submitted to guarantee insurance coverage. They also go over the recent changes made by the Board on the Chapter Recognition award presented at each GT. The primary change was to revise the time frame used for “points” from five years to three years. A summary of the Chapter Recognition award criteria is in the newsletter along with other updates from Ed and Colleen. So, check it out if you haven’t had a chance or go to our web site for the other details.

I’m currently in the middle of work on all three of my MGs. My 1500 ‘A’ has had squealing front brakes for quite some time. The front brakes are original drum brakes, not updated disc brakes as you might expect when you hear that they’re squealing. The squealing is worse with a hard stop. Frankly, I haven’t done much to date to try to correct the problem, but I had a comment from a friend say that maybe it’s due to the change in the material the shoes are made of compared to what they were when these cars were produced and maybe the drums just aren’t compatible. Now I really doubt that, as I haven’t heard others with 1500 drum brakes complain. And I wonder if the still original drums are perhaps out of round and could be causing the problem. But I’ve taken the bait and purchased new drums and brake shoes. I plan to make the change and see what happens.

On my TD, I just installed a luggage rack at the rear. The bigger job still looms since I have yet to install the top and side curtains. I hope to get that work done soon so I can feel more comfortable driving it further from home. We’re currently thinking we’ll drive it to the GOF planned in Akron this July and I’d sure like to have the TD done by then. I’m still working on getting the Magnette disassembled. That job is going well, but the mice remnants I’ve had to clean out have not been pleasant. It is a fairly low mileage car and the interior is in relatively good shape. However, the condition of the lower sheet metal is a little scary. It has me worried, but I’m remembering I felt the same way about both the ‘A’ and the TD when I was working on them. So I hope that means all will be okay in the end.

As the new Vice Chairman, I’m still learning about the timing of the writing of this article versus when you actually see it in print. Along that line, I mentioned last time the Kimber Birthday party that’s attended each year by the Rowdies. While writing that, I had in my head that the event would have come and gone by the time this next article was due. Wrong! As I write this, it’s early April and the event is almost here, but not quite. As a result, we still haven’t sung our annual “Happy Birthday” to Cecil and I still don’t know what the weather will be for the drive that day.

Depending on where you live, your local club may have had several events by now. I hope that’s the case. And I hope one of them involved getting out for Drive Your MGA Day on May 6th. The Rowdies have a drive and lunch planned. For us in the northern climes, this is often our first pleasant drive of the year. Weather is usually not a factor for this event and the group is larger, both of which contribute to the enjoyment of the day. Now I just hope I didn’t jinx everything by saying that. Also, makesure you or someone in your club has sent in your photos along with a short article – or soon will. These should go to our MGA! Editor, Michael Tooke, and to our Internet Coordinators, Peter & AnneTilbury. Thanks in advance.

In addition to local club events, there may be other nearby classic car events you might want to consider. They’re usually a lot of fun and you get a chance to see the full range of car makes. Around here, the British cars present at these events are in the minority, but it’s always neat to see who shows up.

Until our future plan for GTs and regionals feel more secure, I’m going to continue to urge every club to consider hosting one of these events. Start with a regional if you’re unsure. Yes, they can be a lot of work, but they’re also a lot of fun.

Happy Motoring!

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Last updated on June 8, 2017.