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This article is sort of a milestone since it marks the beginning of my second year recording my thoughts in MGA!. It’s been enjoyable to learn more about NAMGAR and about our wide variety of terrific members. But it’s also been a little difficult for me too, since I tend to be fairly quiet and reserved. That’s tough to do in this position. In any case, I think I’m learning and will continue to learn what it’s all about.

Our annual Board meeting is planned for mid-March this year, a little later than normal. We hold them in the first quarter of the year and that generally ends up being in January. Most any topic of interest to NAMGAR may be part of the Board meeting. That usually includes reports from each Board member on what has happened in their area in the last year. Last year’s meeting was three full days not including travel time. Since I only have one under my belt, I assume that’s a normal length. That’s also what’s planned this year. If you have anything you’d like discussed at the Board meeting, let one of us know about it so we can get it on the agenda. Thanks.

If you haven’t heard by now, Moss Motors recently announced that Ken Smith passed away on January 5th. I’d like to add my own condolences to Ken’s friends and family. Ken was an MG legend and was also known as Mr. MG or sometimes Mr. MGB. He could often be seen at NAMGAR GTs driving the Moss RV. He was one of the founding members of NAMGBR and worked at Moss Motors for 25 years with a concentration on the MGB. He was the author of the book “Aspects of Abingdon,” which I suspect many of us own. He will be missed by many.

As I write this, our own club will be having our annual meeting very soon. It’ll be long over by the time you’re reading this, but I hope we can come up with a great calendar of events for our driving season. We’ve had a lot of cold weather in our area this winter, so I’m looking forward to better weather. I have something of my own in mind that I hope to get on the calendar, but it’s a bit early yet to know if it will work out. We always combine our business meeting with a potluck, which makes it special, as we see folks we maybe haven’t seen lately.

I hope you plan on making it to GT-43. Coupe owners should, for sure, try to make it. I know of some Coupe owners who have decided that their cars have been waiting for restoration for too long. They’re now taking steps to get finished so they can be part of the GT. Information on GT-43 is available on or on the event website. The web site for registering online is also available. Registrations have been coming in at a high rate, so add yourself to the list sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out. On the registration portion of the GT-43 website, you can see all that have registered so far. It’s not required to allow your name to be seen, but most do. The GT-43 schedule of events is firming up and it looks to be a good time. The GT runs from Wednesday to Sunday, a bit different than many of our recent gatherings. This year’s timing was set to make it an easy drive to NAMGBR’s MG2018 in Gettysburg, PA, the same Sunday as our event ends, so make that short drive up the road for another fun time.

Seems like we just got home from the last all MG meet in Louisville, KY in 2016. But as Carol Shamonsky noted in the last issue of MGA!, the location for the next all MG meet in 2021 will be revealed soon. That event will, of course, also be our GT-46. It seems like a long way off, but I’m excited to hear where it will be because I’ve only heard rumors so far. Probably I’m writing on the wind since details will most likely have been revealed by the time this issue is in your hands.

With the very cold weather we’ve had and my unheated building, I’ve done very little on my cars lately. The worst thing that happened was some really big scratches I put on my TD rear fender. I was moving my lawn sweeper to get it attached to the tractor to pick up leaves and managed to slide it across the fender, so some painting is in order. I need to get it over to the guy that’s done my paint and body work, but I procrastinated and now snow is on the ground. Since I avoid taking any of the MGs out with salt on the roads, this won't happen for a while. My building doubles as my car headquarters and my lawn care headquarters. Adding a third car to the mix when I bought the Magnette is straining things, and the Magnette is in non-driving mode, which makes things difficult. I guess I need to get the Magnette finished quick. (Note: it’s really not happening very fast!) I’m trying to concentrate on jobs I can do inside my much warmer house. For instance, I’ve finished the rebuild of the carbs inside, but in the whole scheme of getting the car restored, it’s a pretty small step. Redoing the dash knobs and rebuilding the master cylinder are next up for inside jobs.

So where will our future GTs be held? We know about GT-43 of course, but where will GT-44, GT-45, and GT-47 be held? We like to have a 3-5 year plan on future GTs. All I can say is we’re still not back in line with that guideline, even though I’ve been in contact with several chapters about perhaps holding a future GT. There’s no time like the present to decide to host a future GT. Same goes for Regionals. Try it, you will like it.

Happy Motoring!

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Last updated on March 26, 2018.